Is it possible to get high without doing drugs?

Answer #1

Yes, there are several possibilities including:

You can have “flash-backs” if you have previously taken drugs that cause hallucinogenic effects, even if you are not currently using drugs.

Certain mental health issues can create “psychotic episodes” that are similar to getting high on drugs,

You can get “high” through sleep deprivation.

You can get high on certain substances that are not technically defined as drugs, but have a similar effect on the brain.

– Don’t do drugs - Majikthise.

Answer #2

I’m high on life ;) haha but really…

Answer #3

sure- doing an activity that raises your adrenaline level will give you a high feeling- skydiving, rock climbing, hunting, fishing, anything exciting will help release dopamine and adrenaline in your brain which is kind of what most drugs do to a greater extent.

getting high on ‘life’ as paul stated is very possible and a lot more rewarding than doing it with drugs. look around and find exciting things to do.

Answer #4

i get high off life cuz im jus that amazing (: lolz

Answer #5

if you mean from drugs- some yes. If someone is hotboxing a room with weed you inhailing the smoke gets you high

Answer #6

i do it all the time its called getting high off adrenaline =)

Answer #7

SOme idiots get there friend to choke them out until they pass out wich gives them a “high”/ adrenaline rush

Answer #8

Or smoke salvia its not a drug…. but it does cost a ton

Answer #9


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