How to get smarter without drugs

Ok look I need a quick way to go from f’s to a’s because im like 7 credits behind and im in 10th grade and have a 6th grade education and my parrents know jack so is there anything that might make me focuse better and still have time to exercixe play games hang out with friends and listen to music on a daly basis? any little thing that can help thankz

Answer #1

Obviously you need to spend much less time on the other things and make studying to improve your grades the priority - it’s all up to you - another option: hire a tutor or ask a knowledgeable friend…I wish you every success !!

Answer #2

hmm…I would ask you what your priority is in life. What do you want to do? If you want to be a doctor or be in the top of your class or go to an amazing college…then I’d say you need to drop everything and work your a$$ off (if you need more advice on this you can definitely funmail me) Otherwise, if you are not sure if you want to go to college, or if you just want to go to the one in your area , or if you want to stay in the town you are in. Id say work a little harder, get a tudor, and learn to prioritize a bit more so you can graduate. The grades wont matter so much as you getting a diploma so make sure you go to summer school and earn back those credits. honestly, if you are so behind, friends may not be the #1 thing on your list, in fact they may not be on your list at all. just being honest!

hope I helped, funmail me if you need anymore help!!

Answer #3

Take LOTSA notes thats what I dew juss really concentrate on what the teachers saying and try tew pay attention tew every thing mainly take notes of what the teacher says that shudd help ! Good Luckk !

Answer #4

Your parents should hire you a home tutor in some of your weakest subjects. They only come like once or twice a week so you still have plenty of time to do whatever you want after school.

Just keep working hard and read your textbooks. If there are any parts that you don’t understand while studying, ask your teacher about it after class. The teacher wouldn’t mind, and will stay with you until you fully understand. They won’t mind, trust me, that’s what they’re there for. Plus it gives them a good feeling when they know one of their students is serious about his education and grades and will be happy to help.

Answer #5

Study, take notes, study, take notes, study, take notes…oh, and ask lots of questions! Good luck mate!

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