16 years old and I am 5.6 feet or 170 c.m is it normal ??

I am 16 years old and I am 5.6 feet or 170 c.m is it normal ?? Both my parents are 5.5 feet.

Answer #1

yeah my moms 40 and shes 5”5

Answer #2

We’re talking about a male here. No, you’re a bit short for your age. But don’t worry. You have till you’re 21.

Answer #3

I meant 5.5 not 55 sorry

Answer #4

im 5’10 and im 15 but most of the other guys are taller than me

Answer #5

idiots there is no short for your age. I am 5’ 7” and since 16 so would consider myself just below average height. Yes average not normal. Using that language make you sound like a freak. If you act small and let dimwits on here tell you that you are not normal then you will feel it.


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