Do I have anorexia?

Ok..erm hi ! :| Well I have this problem, and to tell you the truth it is KILLING ME. I have never dared to tell anyone for the past two years, because to tell you the truth I feel stupid and embarassed because of it . . .

Well it had started about two years ago . I never ate breakfast on a school day , that was just my custom, although I realise not very healthy. Later, (at the age of about 12) I started exercising a lot,due to huge interest in basketball, dance, tennis and hockey. I joined a school club for all of them at the start. That was the time when I had lost A LOT of weight.
I didnt realise it, I always saw myself in the mirror the same, only a lot of compliments made me aware that my body changed . Still there wasnt a problem. But then I started going out with a boy (long distance relationship), who only started taking interest in me after the massive loss of weight . I assumed that if I gained some weight he would stop loving me, so that is I think where the obsession started.

I was always shy and quite, but when I started exercising I became more confident and in a way aware I had a nice body. But then it all went wrong; I started skipping luch,then eventually dinner, anything I ate I made myself throw up .. from confident I went again to shy ..

because I stopped doing all the sports (due to many reasons) I assumed that not eating would help .

do I have anorexia ? well that is the question that I ask myself every day . could I have anorexia and be aware of it ??

I am just so frustrated,I know that if I tell someone they will just think iam looking for attention, but I know I have every sympton: .check my weight almost all the time .obssessed about food .guilty when I eat ANYTHING .thinking hoe to loose weight .throwing up .depression etc

OK , I just wanted to ask if you please could help me in ANY way :] it has taken so much for me to even admit this .. I have NEVER told anyone

so can you please comment if you have any advice . thank you =)

Answer #1

Hey! I am anorexic as well and I have been for 2 years and 7 months. For me it wasn’t to be skinny or impress people. I was simply curious what it was like and I wanted a challenge. I give you a of of credit for asking for help. That is something I probably never would have done. You sound like you are an incredible athlete and being anorxic had taken that from you. I know what you are feeling and it is hard. I haven’t told any one about myself either. My parents know but that is just because they figured it out themselves. I know how hard it is to go ask for help, believe me I still can’t bring myself to do it either. My parents ask me how I am doing with all this(they are making me see a counselor, doctor, and a nutritionist) and I just say fine. I really just want to tell them I can’t do this and I need help. They don’t know that sometimes I throwup too. It is all so confusing. If you really want help and talking is a hard thing for you try writting a letter to someone you trust (a parent, friend, relitive, or anyone). I don’t know if this wouldwork but maybe write a letter to a hospital asking for help and explain your situation. I don’t what to advise you but I know what you are going thw\ough and I now how hard it is. For me I want ot be able to eat but I can’t make myself do it. Anorexia has like takem over my mind. I hope you can get help or even talk to me if you want. I have never talked to anyone who has anorexia as well but maybe it would be easier to talk with someone who knows the feeling and all. Feel free to talk to me if you want, add me as a friend and we can beat this together. We are strong and someday I hope we will both have overcome this disease. I’ll pray for you and I would love to talk with you sometime

Answer #2

I think you know the answer yourself. your so brave to admit this and ask for help it took me 6 years to admit I had a problem, mine started when I was in year 4 so when I was about 8, I realised I could make myself sick

since then it was a spiral of being fine and then plumiting to sudden weight loss

in year 9-11 so aged 13 to 16 I was fainting about 4 times a day, having panic attacks etc, the thing was noone could see my anorexia, still to this day only a few people know, I manage to cover it up really well (I WILL NOT GIVE ANY TIPS OUT ON HOW TO COVER IT UP)

I wish I could have admitted it earlier so I wouldnt be in this mess, by weighing yourself all the time you get into a routine and this starts the complusiveness, you need to ask yourself a few questions of why your are doing it

are you trying to loose weight or maintain the same weight? IF you split up with your boyfriend would you carry on? and there are others

you may not be anorexia I dont know you so cant see but im 17 nearly 18 I have had this for 7 years and im nearly over it! if I had had the guts to admit it then I would never be where I am now!

you have all my respect. if you need someone to talk to im here, I dont do judging people its not my place, I have been through anorexia so if you need any help getting through it please add me I will be more then happy to help you get through it = D

all my love and respect Amy x x x

Answer #3

Your worries are not the least stupid! I think it’s natural instinct for many of us to be hesitant about getting help, especially with this problem. I can’t say for positive that you will not go to a hospital but let me tell you this, a number of years ago mental health laws were being implemented in this country and deinsitutionalization became the standard practice. What that basically means is that hospitalization is used only as a last resort (if you’re suicidal, at risk for harming yourself or the public in general, then it’s mandatory). There’s a number of mental health professionals in which you can see. I’d first suggest you see a psychologist, counselor, or clinical social worker or go to a community mental health agency who can begin psychotherapy and any assessments to see if you need a referral to a psychiatrist (which is a medical doctor.) You’ll generally only need to see a psychiatrist if medication is warranted. If/when you talk with your parents it’s very important that you see a counselor or psychologist that YOU feel comfortable with! If, by some chance, you go to a therapist who doesn’t really help you then let your parents know. The entire point of this is to get help and not be miserable while you’re doing it. On a personal note I know how you feel–it was almost too late for me when I decided to get help (for another issue). It’s scary and I’m sure you have a ton of unanswered questions–which I wish I could help you with, but it’ll take time. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to get help–it’ll help you in the end. Best of luck to you and hang in there! :) -S

Answer #4

you sound like you do have anorexia but dont worry there are ways of guetting out of this vicious circle im 14 and last year when I was 13 I went through a funny stage (I think due to hormones) wer I also stopped eating luckily it never escalated because my friends noticed it after just a couple of months and although I didnt see anyone proffesional the fact that they knew and supported me helped me. They didnt ever force me to eat but they wer very sensitive about it and encouraged me to do something about it. I think because you have a much more severe case you should talk to your parents because you said you were embarassed but they will never judge you. If your worried about upsetting them or causing them stress you could talk to your form teacher or even a family friend Dont worry your going to be fine, it will be really hard but if you act now you can beat it. I rely wish you the best of luck and offer you all my support even though I dont know you if you ever want 2 talk bout it or actualy anything you can come to me GOOD LUCK! and definetly talk to someone closer to home who can helo you through this

Answer #5

Yes, I think you have anorexia.

It is really cool that you are willing to ask the question. Hiding is the worst thing, so being honest and asking is the best thing you can do.

You need to find a professional to trust for ongoing advice. Find a school counselor, teacher or parent who you can talk to about this. You need to get it out in the open.

Anorexia is most common in teens, and thousands and thousands of teens have anorexia. I found the coolest people in the world at Overeaters Anonymous ( Go to the website and find a telephone meeting where you can call in. You can ask questions and talk about your issues. It’s all anonymous.

If you send me your info in a PM, I will pass it on to a friend who helps people with Anorexia. This is definitely serious, and you need to address this ASAP. Good luck!

Answer #6

I don’t know what to say about this, but I just wanted to say that it took a lot of guts to put this on the internet. Way to go :)

But I’d say go to a doctor and talk to someone about this.

Answer #7

why don’t you just try eating healthy. eat 5 small deals a day. sounds crazy, but it challenges your metabolism and it’s healthier opposed to people who eat square meals.

Answer #8

honey sorry to tell you are anorexic ! when I used to be anorexic I felt just like u ! but I went to a doctor and got my life back to place ! so go to a doctor and get your life fixed up ! love u ! -dany- -xoxo-

Answer #9

Well you need to get back in sports and if you eat ANYTHING eat HEALTHY:] and always eat breakfast lunch and dinner but HEALTHY…and if you ever get hungry in between those meals a small HEALTHY SNACKS:]

I did and I got really thin:]

I love my body now:]

Answer #10

sweety, if u r brave enough to ask us for help, then you are brave enough to talk to someone you know personaly, ‘cause your child life is the future of your adult hood, you could ruin your life, now remmember, you have one life and dont be afraid to use it wisely

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Answer #12

I just saw you are in the UK. I don’t know if Anorexics and Bulemics attend OA meetings in the UK. At the OA meeting that I went to, there were about 25% anorexics that went.

Even though OA stands for Overeaters Anonymous, it’s really about a “compulsion” around eating. My friends always said “Why do you go there? You’re not fat.” That’s not the point. It means your thinking is obsessive or compulsive regarding eating. That’s why I went even though I’m skinny. I had a compulsion with candy, always eating it.

Here’s the website for OA in London. It’s a start:

Search for “anorexia support group” or contact anyone in the UK OA or US OA websites and they will be able to direct you to the right place! Good luck!!

Answer #13

my siuationis similar to yours people at college always say how much weight I’ve lost and a few of my m8ts have told me that I have anorexia but I disagree with them. I sum times eat but only something like half a banna or half a carrot I dance 6 days a week and go to the gym every day if a dance lesson is cancled then I exercise at home

check out my question and c if you cangive mre sum advice wb xxx

Answer #14

yes you have most certainly glad you got up the nerve to ask someone one for help even if it is just off a website like this..honestly to tell you the truth you are killing need medical not trying to scare you in any way..there is plenty you can do to help..if you go into a 12 step program and kinda fast..then that will make a world of differance..alot of young girls your age feel the same way you do.. i bet you are a beautiful girl..but being anorexic is not being have a serious diasese..get some help is all i can really came this far of adimming your problem try to fix of luck..

Answer #15

Brava to you for coming forward. I know how hard it is to try and openly discuss a matter like this. More importantly for you to remember is the devastating and long-term affects AN has on individuals. Again, the post above makes excellent points: your best starting point is to talk with your school counselor/psychologist/social worker so you can begin to discuss this with your parents and get some treatment. There are a number of org’s out there that will help you and or your parents begin treatment in finding a well-trained MH professional with specialized experience with AN. You hang in there and best of wishes to you!! -S

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