How to train our new Chihuahua?

I just bought my 9 yr. old daughter an 9 week old chihuahua, and we have been told they are not like any other dog…we are having trouble getting advice on how to train, and teach this new baby how to be well behaved, and whats best for her, by the way her name is buttons! if someone is a chihuahua lover and knows the secrets to these cute little animals please help me know the secrets to I would greatly appreciate it and so would my daughter, anything would be helpful

Answer #1

Chihuahuas are best trained with consistancy. Crate training is most efficient but puppy pads can be a good way too. Either one you choose, be consistant. Don’t hit, yell at, or put their nose in accidents; that will get you no where and make them do the bad bahavior more often.

Answer #2

Congratulations on your new chi puppy! I’m glad you’re asking these questions, it shows that you are a responsible owner who wants to raise your puppy to be a good canine citizen. You are right that there are special challenges in training a toy dog, but the most important thing to remember is that it is still a dog. There are two most important things to focus on right now at the puppy stage: (1) House training and (2) Socialization. You can worry about basic commands a little later, when the puppy reaches 6 months to 1 year old. If you don’t properly housebreak your dog now, you will have a lot of problems later on because small dogs can go into little corners and under furniture to do their little dirty deeds and it’s hard to catch them in the act. With socialization, it’s important to introduce your chi to new sights and sounds at an early age so they get used to people and other animals, and don’t become fearful or aggressive. This is especially important because your daughter is only 9 years old and she might invite her friends over to play. Trust me, even a chi can inflict a painful bite and break skin. Another major point with socializing a toy dog is to let the dog walk on the ground! Resist the temptation to carry it everywhere. Don’t pick up you chi because a stranger or another dog is approaching, you will only succeed in training it to be scared. Let it be a dog. To learn more about caring for your chihuahua, visit my website at

Answer #3

I have five chih mixes. most are dominant. you need to show the dog in its own language, if you will, that you are the boss. read jan fennell’s book, “thedog whisperer” she is from england and its very easy to do, you just need to know WHAT to do and when guarantee it will work. the book is really fast and fun to read, too. it’s pretty cheap on

Answer #4

It took me a while to train my dog the basic tricks… he is always so hyper and can barely keep himself contained… it just took a lot of work and I gave him a treat when he did something right. It took me about an hour to teach him to lay down and stay there… I did this for about a week everyday and now he is doing it without treats.

Answer #5

not to be mean but what does that have to do with love and relationships?…it sounds more like it would be pets…

Answer #6

A dog is a dog is a dog…training is done just like you’d train any other dog…Just like other canines, Chi’s are a pack animal, and are hard-wired to submit to a leader…or if thrust into the leadship role, they can run your household.

The only difference in training I can think of, is that the owner will have to be more vigilent…If you have a Rottie pup lumbering thru the living to pee…they’re tough to miss…a Chi pup could pee, and have it done with without notice…so very tiny…:)

Patience and consistency…those are the keywords to training any puppy.


Answer #7

well I have two chihuahuas and well little dogs are more hard to train then big dogs are because there so little that when the do something bad some owners think is really cute and they do it more and more.

so first thing do not give in to them even tho theres so cute even when there bad. you migth want to praise them after they do a command this will teach them that doing as told gets them yummy treats also try to keep the training firm and short but fun puppys get really bored fast do this at least 5 times a day or as you like but more is better no more then 15 minutes thou ok!! :)

well hope I helped a little need more help let me know ok!! :) :)

Answer #8

chihuahua puppies are tiny and can be overwhelmed with all the space of a new house. When you cannot supervise it, keep her in a fenced off room, maybe even a bathroom with its water, dog bed and pee pads and newspaper next to the pee pad (for poo). eventually she will figure out to go on the pee pad. once she has done this then fence off the hallway so her “world” grows slowly. a small chihuahua will NOT trek from the living room to the pee pads across the house unless you start them out in small areas. And immediately treat the pee areas (mistakes) so she will not smell it later and remark it. also it is imperative she is exposed to strangers and strange dogs in his first 4 months of life or else she can have problems later. and NEVER EVER encourage your dog to be possessive of its owner. it may be cute at first but it is obnoxious later and may cause an unnatural fear of strangers which could be dangerous to her should she need a vet or gets lost. enroll your puppy in manners class at Petsmart!

Answer #9

I too am having problems with my Chihuahua x Chinese crested, he is 13 weeks old. I’m trying to crate train him but I’m finding it really hard!! He cries and barks most of the night(3weeks straight) He started to improve but has since got worse!I’ve had other dog breeds before and not had any problem. He is the most head strong puppy in the world!! Will he get used to being left on his own for a few hours or not?? It’s very distressing to come in from work and find him so upset I’m pretty sure he cries the entire time I’m gone. Any advise will be much appreciated.

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