Help with male pup

My 15 week old male lab cross collie pup has started to get really hyporactive biting and barking with a lot more energy then be for, while some of this could be puppy behaviour could it also be due to the females sessions or is he to young, also any help with ways to rid him of some of his energy would be helpful thanks

Answer #1

I agree with ichibanarky, he is to young to be reacting to females.

About the barking, allot of times they bark to get attention. Just give him enough attention and exersize as well. He is a puppy so they will be hyper but you can control allot of the hyperness buy running him allot and taking him on walk 2-4times a day. also if there is any feilds near by, put him on a long tie-out (rele long leash) and just let him run (you dont need to hold the leash, it will just be easier to get him if he dont come to you when its time to go.)

Both my sister and I train many dogs here, including my own. I’ve trained a yorkshire terrier, and a rat-terrier/chuaua mix, I’ve trained about 6dif labs (which are verry hyper, so need lots of running time), 2dif collies, 3goldens, and a lil mixed dog.

With all the training, the one big thing I learned was that they need there exersize, expecualy the labs. and also the collies. those to dogs are known to have problems when they start to age more because they have not had enough exersize.

You need a lot of room for a dog like yours and it is best to have it live in the house. both the breads yours is mixed with love to be around people and are known to bark a lot if they are not.

Just make sure the Dog has allot of exersize and attention and you should be ok. Also with the biting, even when he is playing, dont let him bite you at all, not even a little play bite. also if he is playing with a toy and growles stop him from that behavor. he should be ffine if he is growling with the toy by himself but if you are playing with him, it may lead to more serious things, like biting anyone and everyone when he ages.

Any other questions just ask! Good luck with the puppy!


Answer #2

I disagree…he’s too young to be sexually attracted to a female in heat…that doesn’t mean he doesn’t “smell the difference”, but he doesn’t know why (that’s why it’s ok not to neuter them until 6 onths old…they ARE NOT sexual). Labs are very active dogs…more so than many other breeds… it’s this exhuberance for life that many people love about Labs. His activity level may seem higher, also, because he doesn’t sleep all the time like he did when he was tiny.

This is the perfect age to start an obedience class…one with a professional and lots of other dogs…Humans learn as much OR MORE than the dogs they bring in. Learning takes stink out of them, too…mental activity is tiring. Pups love to roughhouse, and play…so he sounds normal to me…just in need of some discipline (please note…discipline is NOT punishment)…

Also, at 15 weeks he’s preparing to lose his puppy teeth, too…so you might as well prepare by getting some stuff for him to knaw on…

Your pup will be a “pup” of varying maturity levels until he’s about 18 months old…what you do with him now, while he’s still small and manageable will dictate how easy he will be to handle when mature…

For now, however…please remember this is a baby…and will be for some time.


Answer #3

First he is not to young to be reacting to a female in heat, he is 4 months old.

Second read up on the breeds he is. Collie and Lab. DO NOT give lots of attention to the barking, you should never reward bad behaviour.

Three, get him neutered as soon as your vet allows, 6 months is what the age is where I work

Keep up the good work with walks, He needs to have that time to burn energy, He is part collie and that leads me to believe this is where the nipping is coming into play. NOW I am a firm believer in the Dog Wispers way of training and correcting a dog and you you react to the way they act, I would suggest watching him on Tv, National Geographic channel, or read his book I use a lot of what he says at work with our Red Zone dogs, I still have to be careful and in some cases I use a muzzle or the Rabies pool. But your body langue and vibes do mean a lot, and like I said, realize when you are rewarding bad behaviour, If a child cries and we give them a toy,food, bottle, then what do you think the child will associate with crying??? you are right, same thing with a dog.

Answer #4

trouble is he is walked two to three times a day, he is traind to of lead so he has free run of the park, we play fetch etc whilst over there, in total he is walked for about 2.30 hours a day some times more if we go over to the woods so he is not under exercised and he lives in the house and sleeps in my bed room so he is always around someone. he growls and bits when ask him to do something or when we are out walking he bits me or just walks down the stree barking.

Answer #5

Yeah… nothing to do with females, he’s too young, you need to give him more walks and more playtime to try to wear him out. =]

Answer #6

He’s far too young to be reacting to a female.

He’s just being a puppy…give him lots of walks

Answer #7

he gets walked twice aday plus lots of playtime, he runs of the lead so burns up most of his energy.

Answer #8

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