Help No Period Yet And Am 13

Hi I am Thirteen and I have not gotten my period yet and feel really left out and I’ve been told not to worry I’ll get it!!! And that when I get it I won’t want it!!But my best friend got her’s when she was ten!!!wahahahahahhah!!!I FEEL REALLY LEFT OUT!!!



Answer #1

why would you feel left out??? IT HURTS!!! it’s like you are bleeding from down there for five days to a week, it smells, it hurts. it sucks. You are lucky.

Answer #2

I don’t no if you have it yet, these comment all seem quite old, but I was the last of ALL my friends too!!! just look for sorta brown discharge in your undies, and when you do get it, most likely it won’t be that regullar anyway. good luck!xox

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This is very crazy, and does it come your period. You never answer back. I want 2 know if your period comes??? I don’t want to be rude but…

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Ohh gosh, I hate my period … I feel bad for my cousin she had hers for 14days..mine only last for 6days ;[

Answer #5

I actually got my period when I was 13 and I was the FIRST of all my friends. now some of my friends still dont have it and it really embarrassed and I just dont see why. When I got my period for the first time there was a huge red stain on my pants during the whole day of school and no one told me until I got home. how wonderful that was! now I wish that I dont have my period. well, you’ll get yours soon I guess.

Answer #6

Enjoy not having one, it’s a real bad in the a**. I remember wanting mine but now I hate having them. They get in the way of everyday things. Enjoy it while it lasts. It’ll come eventually, everyone’s different.

Answer #7

Don’t worry. I got mine when I was 10 too. My best friend is thirteen too and she hasn’t got it. Somtimes you don’t get it until 17 eaven.Relax!!

Answer #8

hi i hav the same problem i am 13 and havent started i get woried but sometimes i think im lucky coz ma m8s say its horrible so dont be scard your not the onlly one xxx

Answer #9

ok, you will get it soon. everybody matures differently, and some get it later than others. You should be happy, growing up and going through puberty is NOTHING to be happy about. It hurts, it’s just plain gross, something may happen like you leak which is real embarressing. So enjoy being free, be careful what you wish for.

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Answer #11

Hiya I no how you feel. I am 13 and havn’t started my period an everyone says I will and I hope I do. my best friends have all started an my mate started other day(4 days before her 13th birthday) hopefully in time you will start x

all the best x

Answer #12

dont worry! youll get it when your body is ready. I know someone who got there periods at 15! so dont worry, when you probly get em youll wish you haven`t. lol.

Answer #13

im the same im 13 and havent had one yet :(

Answer #14

Listen to everyone.. dont freak ouy.. you really dont want one.. u get stomach pain and the bleeding can be heavy sometimes and it’s so nasty and embarrasing when you first get your period but dont realize it til it leaks through that’s happened to a lot of girls. You really dont want one i got mine when i was 10!!! I’m 15 now and i hate periods.

Answer #15

the only thing you have is time…and your very lucky..i got mine when i was 12! while my friends mother didnt get hers until she was almost 17!!! A period seems cool…but dont be too excited..

Answer #16

don’t worry about it. im sure a lot of people are telling you that but it’s true. you are so lucky you don’t have it yet. your always moody, annoyed, and paranoid from thinking you leaked. it comes at the worst times too. when you get it, it’s not going to be a heavy period. mine was light.

Answer #17

ok so si didn’t get my period till I was 14. and don’t rush it cause once you have it you’ll hate it. Also one of my friends 15 and she still dosent have it. If it helpsd you be happy you dont have it. the first time I got it was at a basketball tornament 2 hours from my house


Answer #18

Hi don’t worry about it hun. I’m 14 almost 15 and I got my period in the summer of 06 and my periods were really spaced out they still are. It’s just a matter of patience your body needs to catch up with all the maturity going on just don’t worry about it. It will come and you won’t want it neither do i lol but if you want a family ya gotta have a period. sorry it sucks big time. =( i’m here for ya

Answer #19

thats perfectly normal if you still dont have it when your like 15 then I would go to the doctors but if you have really developed boobs then there might be a prob because usually boobs come with a period so look for increased boob size and your period will be coming start wearing a pantiliner or a pad everyday so your not embarrased when it comes and that way it wont go on your pants and also it will get you used to wearing one.

Answer #20 should help you learn about it.

Answer #21

hey, I saw your question. im 14, and I havent gotten my period yet either. I was on google looking 4 info, because I wanted mine. but now, I realized something… everybody keeps saying they wish they didnt have their periods, and I was thinking, whatever, lucky! but now I realize, I will have my period 4 a very long time. once I get it, theres no turning back! so im just going to sit back and enjoy this time. yes, im probably the last of my friends, so SIT BACK AND ENJOY! :)

Answer #22


believe me I wanted my period too . and I started a year ago ,

and I hate it !!!

you bloat, bleed, it smells down there, it feels like blood it pouring out of you , you feel dirty .


Answer #23

First of all, enjoy not having your period. I got mine when I was twelve,I was the FIRST of all my [3] friends and knowing it could come any minute is just..very hard! lol before I got mine, I carried around pads and put extra clothes in my locker, just in case. You will pretty much know when you get your period, because you will start to feel crampy and of course have the blood in your underwear. When I first started mine, I actually had a friend over, and it was during the summer. We had just woken up and my pants felt really wet. I didn’t want her to know, so I made the excuse to go downstairs and get dressed in the bathroom. when I went to change my underwear I saw lots of brownish reddish stuff in my underwear. I cleaned it up, but didn’t tell anyone. Later that day, we were about to go swimming, so I went to the bathroom before and saw a reddish brownish splotch in my bathing suit. By that time I knew I had my period, so I ran outside, and asked my mom for help. Oh yeah, and it will be a little irregular, so you’ll never know when you will get it, but carry pads/tampons pretty much everywhere. My mom told me some months in the first year you get it, you could skip, but don’t expect to skip. It should last 5-8 days I think, and it will probably be very heavy when you get it. I hope this helps, and don’t worry, you’ll get it by age 16. Don’t feel left out, your lucky!!! lol wish I didn’t have mine!!! Fun-mail me if you have any questions :)

Answer #24

Hahaha first of all I don’t mean to laugh but there is no real reason to be freaking out. I know EXACTLY how you feel. When I was your age I hadn’t had my period and I was flipping out beause everyone had gotten their’s before me. I actually wanted it (haha wow..) but once you get it, seriously you’ll wish you’de had the extra years without it. Umm some girls get like a bit of white discahgre before their period, obviously mood swings and cramps… Please don’t fret though you’ll get it. and although it can be between 8-20 it is probably better to talk to a doctor if you’re older than 26 and haven’t had any signs. Your period won’t be regullar at first either so don’t worry about that… it can last anywhere fro 1-7 days for the first bit and sometimes miss a month or too. Don’t worry you’ll get yours in due time PS: most of the time it’s girls who are more active who get theirs later. not always, but that’s what I’ve been told.

Answer #25

aww I was EXACTLY like you. I got my period when I was 13, and I always wanted to know signs of it getting close, but no one really told me.

so first look for a growth spurt, it usually happens about a year or 2 after you start getting vaginal discharge [the white stuff in your panties]. I always thought I was late, since I started getting boobs in 4th grade and in 7th grade still didnt have it, but dont worry you will eventually get it! everyone is going to tell you you wont want it once you have it, which is probably true, but I know what you are feeling and nothing can change your mind. so best of luck to you, and my advice is just to try to put it out of your mind for a while, dont dwell on it, and just have fun doing other things. =)

Answer #26

The age of menarchy (first period) has been falling over the years. At one time 17 was the average. In Japan the average was 17.5 at one time but it is falling as well.

Nobody is really sure why the age has been falling over the last century. Some think it is polutants that mimic human harmones. Others think it is our rich diet causing girls to mature more quickly.

In any case, there is no reason to worry if you start a year or two later than your friends since in years past girls started even later.

Another interesting thing is that average male sperm count is half what it was 70 years ago. Another health mystery.

Answer #27

I got mine when I was 12, and I was dying to get it, and now I’m like..what the heck? I WANTED this?

I heard some people get it at age 16 or even 18, but like a lot of people have said, just try not to think about it. It really really sucks. You can’t go swimming (well you can, it’s just kinda uncomfortable), you’re always afraid to wear white shorts because you don’t know if it will go thru the pad…it sucks. Haha you’ll get it eventually, and hate it, just like the rest of us.

Answer #28

first of all pain in the butt. don’t be upset about not having it. I’m the same age. yeah, I got mine and I’m hating it! umm… if you’re really worried I suggest asking a doctor. perfesionals saying your fine is a lot more reassuring than a bunch of people on the web. my friends who’s 14 just got hers. puberty ussaully starts between the ages of 9 and 13. so imagine not even having any sign of ‘growth’ at our age. anyways no worries!

Answer #29

i got my period late too. when i was 14. so dont worryy.. i was the last one out of all myfriends and i hated it. i know how u feel but wow if i could rewind time id be bragging that i didnt have mine. its not fun, you dont want it haha. theres nothing really to look for.. when u see blood then you have it haha. u may get cramps too. i know i got cramps once a month for like 3 months before i actually got the blood part. just be patient sweety, your normal.

Answer #30

Hey girl. I wish that I could say ikno how you feel, but I cant. you betta njoy amenorreah while you still can. when you get your period, you will wish that you had not even wished 4 it. I’m 17 and I have terrile cramps and heavy bleedig. sometime I wish I was a boy when I get my period. when you strt having them, you will njoy those 4 weeks you r going 2 have with out it. girl, I know I do. dont rush anytrhing. even though I’m only 17, I know how u’ll start 2 feel when its that time of the month. believe me- it is not all its cracked up 2b.

Answer #31

dont worry most girls get it when there 15 its beacuse your body asent complety developed and trust me you got plenty of time for a period its not fun at all it mackes your stomac hart realy realy realy! bad you cant eat ice cream or stand you long so those girls telling its fun no its not trust me I got min when I was 10 and im 14 now and it still hart love nieya

Answer #32

Dont worry you WILL get it! your only 13.. I started mine when I was… 14 going on 15… I felt left out too! I just sat there and waited… And now that I got it.. I wish it would just go away! Its absolutley Horiible! You dont want it trust me!!! PAIN PAIN PAIN.. PILLS PILLS PILLS.. Be patient… I’ll be looking forward to your question on how yo get rid of your period XD

Answer #33

Don’t worry about it, you’ll get it when your body is ready. I got mine pretty early on (I was the first out of all my friends) and it wasn’t all that great lol. A friend of mine didn’t get hers until she was in grade 9. Neither did my mother. So don’t worry. They usually say that your breasts start to develop a bit before you get your first period. That could be a sign to look for.

Answer #34

Hi im 15 and I havn’t gotten mine. And i don’t want it cause I’ve talk to my girl friends about it and they all say I’m very lucky. I might get it soon but I’ve talked to my mother and lisened in s*x ed classes. You should have pubic hair, armpit hair, acne, brest starting to grow, and lastly vaginal discharge (white clear substance) and some girls have the dicharge for a year until they have there period. this all takes about 2 years before you have ur period.

Answer #35

Hi, My name is Cheyenne. I want to let you to know there is no reason to be left out! I would rather have no period.They are painful and real nasty. You have to take a shower just about twice a day so you dont stink and you have to brush your teth more than three times a day cause you get super bad breath on your period. Stuff you should look for before you start your period is really bad cramps below your period, mood swings, eating really super picky, and not wanting to be around anyone!Just to let you know its perfectly normal that you havent started your period yet, my mom didnt start till she was 17. yours trully, Mell. (ps I have 3 horses a quarter, spotted saddle bred and a foxtrotter)

Answer #36

ugh you do not want your peroid, im 16 and I started when I was 13: the older you get the londer it is and the more you cramp, tylonal and a nice bath are your best friends when you r having your period, and once you start you have 2 be careful when you have sex cause you could get pregnant, just enjoy not having it

Answer #37

Dont worry, your lucky I always felt out by ma friends cause they had gotten I.And I always wished to get my period.1day I went 2 da bathroom and realised I had gotten it.It sucks changing like every 2 hours and take showers everyday…trust me it really sucks getting it.So enjoy while you r free,cause one of this days you will get it.

Answer #38

R you stoopid Period = Hell I’m thirteen and I’d rather be you, All a period is is blood uncontrolably dripping out of your body. then you have to wear a pad or tampon and if you forget to change them you embarass yourself if you leak through you clothes plus I get cramps and most girls become animic from there periods, (75%). How would you like to be in a wet diaper when your at school or a soccer game or someplace public and then you have to deal with the draind felling you get. So instead of feeling left out feel lucky.

9.9 young people are so stoopid but so lucky

Answer #39

Its ok to be worried. You will get it. I’m 14 and i got mine last year. same age as you. Believe me its not fun. You have cramps, bad breathe, picky eating, being tired. When i first started my period i didnt eat for a day i had bad cramps, brushed my teethe five times a day and stayed in my room just to sleep. its sucks so bad. Look for white discharge that looks kinda like snot in your underwear, cramp, bad breathe. trust me you wont like it after you get it.

Answer #40

will you all behave I was 18 when I started and its a horrible thing 2 wish 4 enjoy will you havent I cant shag any one while I am on my f*ckin period incase I get preganant

Answer #41

haha dont worry hunny you shud take this as a good thing okay=] dont worry about tyin to being left out hun yes I got mine at ten two but I felt left out cuuz every one got theres around your age but sweetheart it doesnt matter your gunna get it soo is mosty accurs thru the ages of 13-16 so dont worry your almost there=]

Answer #42

im just going to agree with everyone else. Its disgusting and painful and it makes me just want to sleep all the time! I know it can make you feel left out (I was sixteen when I got my first period, waaay after everyone else in my class!) but believe me, you should be enjoying this time now, when you dont have to worry about it! It gets old VERY FAST! One day was enough to put me off the idea for life! Its fine that you havent got it at thirteen. If you get to seventeen or so and its never started, then you might start worrying… Oh. and whatver you do DO NOT THINK BECAUSE YOU DONT GET YOUR PERIOD YOU CANT GET PREGNANT!!! You might be able to, because you dont know when your period is going to start!

Answer #43

they are right…its a real pain in the a**, but don’t feel left out lots of girls get theirs late…I really wish I didn’t have them…as for what to look for…cramps in the abdomen, nausea, slight abdominal bloating, sore/heavy breasts, fatigue are the most common…you may have occasional diarrhea (sounds fun, huh?)…if you don’t start by 14 or 15 going to the doctor can be reassuring but you will get it when the time is right trust me

Answer #44

Look for blood…lol

Answer #45

hold tight hunny! it will come when it comes. trust me I was the same way before I started mine and I wanted to start so bad. I started when I was 14 then I cried and wanted it to go away. don’t worry bout it it’ll come but for now enjoy that you don’t have it every month. your not being left out your being blessed child. just wait till you start then you’ll see

Answer #46

well im 13 and I also dont have my period yet, but im perfectly content with that because I have a busy life style and dont want it but all of my friends have it and when they talk abou thats when I feel left out lol, and im pretty sure when you start to get it that you feel cramps really low in your lower stomach so uh wince you do want it to be patient and let nature take its course, well uh good luck!

Answer #47

You know what? My two best friends didn’t get theirs until they were 16 and 15. All girls develop at different paces - it’s completely natural. Anyway, periods suck. Mine were really heavy all through highschool - I’d go through a super tampon in about an hour. I’d also occasionally get really bad cramps, and I’d feel so yucky I’d just go hang out in the bath, because whenever I’d get out I’d start feeling greasy again. You get used to it, but they really are a nuisance. Anyway, I didn’t get my period till 14, so you’re not alone.

Answer #48


Answer #49

heyy, I TOTALLY understand what you are going through. I’m thirteen too and I’ve only had mine once. I thought for a while that maybe something was wrong with me or something, and yeah all of my friends told me “yours will come, dont worry!” “when it does, you’ll wish it never started” and stuff like that. I totally agree with you, I felt like I was totally left out,and I just wanted it to come already!

but seriously, don’t even worry about it. for the time being, just think about other things like guys, school, stuff like that. I promise there is nothing wrong with you! and as some of the other people said, everyone starts at different ages.

and trust me, it will be here before you know it<3

Answer #50

ok girls listen upp. im 14 & I just got my period not too long ago. I was the same way, I wanted to get it . bc its embaressing . it is. & then I realized I didnt want it. but when I got it I was happy bc I was at home with all my friends when I got it. thank god I wasnt in school hhaa. but girls that are 13 14 ect. always take things to school with you just incase because chances are you wil get it very soon . think wisely

Answer #51

Don’t worry, it depends on each girl, my mom and my sister didn’t get it until they were about 17, but I got it when I was 11. There’s nothing wrong with it not coming until later, besides periods are a pain, you get cramps, bloating, and in general feel pretty gross. And be careful too, it can be pretty embarrassing, after only about four months of getting it, and on my first day of middle school I got it, and the school had no tampons or pads in the bathroom, and worst of all I had a white skirt on. That was pretty bad, but good news nobody noticed because I tied a jacket around my waist.

Answer #52

i know how u feel. i also am 13, and have only had mine once, (around 6/2) and it didn’t happen this month. what I’m expecting: irregularity. my two best friends had theirs not long ago, and i felt like they where leaving me out. 10 seems a little young to me, but theres a long stretch of years you could first get yours. be patient, and you’ll get it soon enough. it too big a trouble to want, so be happy you don’t have it.. I’ll stop rambling on now, but i hope i helped in 1 way or another.

Answer #53

omg I feel the same way im in my early 13’s and I still didnt get my period everyone tells mii tghat its good I dont have it but then evry1 will say im still young and stuff

Answer #54

DO NOT WORRY! I am 13 also and I had my first period on september,11,2007. Trust me it’s not fun. I wanted to start my periods so badly and when the first one came, PAIN. so dont worry you will get them soon trust me. No need to rush your body will start when it is ready.

Answer #55

you probably havnt gone through puberty yet dont worry it will come but I did hear of a 25 year old chick that has never had one if your that conserned get your mom to go to the clinick with you talk with here she is a woman to instead of asking total strangers.

Answer #56

I Understand What Your Going Through. I Was Feeling Left Out Before I Got Mine And I Didnt Get Mine Very Long Ago. But Like What The Others Said They’re A Nuisance. No Needs Them And No One Wants Them. You Have To Like Shower Everyday And Stuff And You Have To Change Your Pad Everytime You Go To The Toilet. Its Agony. I Enjoy All The Time I Have In Between My Periods

Answer #57

Periods Suck. Eeveryone matures in there own time. ask you mother when she got hers and your grandma then you can get a rough idea on when you will get yours. youmay want your period now but there not that crash hot either especially the pain

Answer #58

oh my goshh!!! ME TOO im 14 years old and..NOTHING! im worrying too. everyone else has gotten theirs and not me. I know exactly how you feel. so left out and different while everyone else has huge breasts and im short and flat chested. SO UNFAIR

Answer #59

dont worrie I got mine at 9 and you dont want it.. trust me your period comes with cramps, blooting and a monthing thing,. well its not funa dn be blessed and hope you dont get it til you 16 or 17

Answer #60

All my friends had theirs and I wanted mine because I also felt left out, but you should feel lucky that you dont have to worry with it! You’ll get it eventually, so enjoy the time you have without it!

Answer #61

I TOTALLY know how you feel… I don’t even have pubic hair, and im 13! all there is is these fair straight ones you barely see. I really badly want mine. im sick of waiting!

Answer #62

Who ever told you not to worry about it was right. I had four sister’s and they where all different. You could make an appointment with a gynecologist before long, after all we all need check ups, and you can talk to your Doc.

Answer #63

is there any way to induce your period ? like does anyone know a way that can make you start it faster at home ? I want it so bad so that my boobs will grow and I wont feel like a retard but it wont come ? SOMEONE INDUCE THIS THING !!

suggestions ?

Answer #64

Jesus your all crazy wanting your period it’s painful and pointless at 13 belive me you dont want it.Its a pain up the ar$e, so calm down over it start between 8-18 so dont stress over it enjoy a period free life :]

Answer #65

Lol I got mine when I was 15 , I felt left out too!! now I dunno why I wanted it Lool. trust me injoy it while you aint got 1 Lol they ent fun to have… :))

Answer #66

one of my BFFs is 14 and she hasnt started yet either. Dont worry you will start when your body starts. you can talk to a doctor if you r worried.

Answer #67

I haven’t got my period yet and I’m 13… I was about to ask the same question. I masturbate some times and I wonder if that is what’s slowing down my period maybe?

Answer #68

dont rushit because when it come its b!tch for most people but dont wrry it;l come on its own

Answer #69

haha .yuor lucky I just got my first period YESTERDAY and they are SOO gross. and im almost 14. some people get it at 16. your NOT the only one

Answer #70

DO NOT wear the tampons if you actually don’t have your period, it can damage the tissue.

Answer #71

hey i am 15 and i got mine just 2 days ago. i am really small so i don’t have any cramps. but i told my mom right after it happened and she drove all the way from Sherman Tx just to go to walmart with me to buy some tampons. if you are small, then you have nothing to worry about. But when you get it, don’t be afraid to tell your mom or dad. I have a fear of talking about bodily functions, and i was scared at first to tell my mom, but when i did realized everything was alright. i did have cramps right after i got my period, but Midol really helps. if you get tired, just drink some cold sweet tea and take a 30 min. nap, that what i did and i am fine. I am on the varsity swim team in Huston, so if i can swim with a period, you can do anything. but once you have it, there is no going back just chill out and let you body catch up with your wantings.

Answer #72

Don’t worry, I was almost 14 when I had my first period. There’s nothing to look forward to except pain. Cramps are the worst.

Answer #73

don’t be sad you get it soon my mom got her’s when she was 16

Answer #74

Well I know how you feel. You feel left out that you don’t have the expirience and you can’t talk about it with your friends and stuff. But I’m 14 and I’ve’e had my period for alittle bit over a year. And just today I had the WORST cramps that I’ve’e ever had. Ever. I threw up they were so bad.

Your lucky, but when you do get it, it will be very exciting :]

-Erica :]

Answer #75

ok… it was the same way for me too. I have a twin and she started when she was 12 and I didnt start until I was 15… so you might be alittle late a lot of girls useally are ,,I garuntee that you will start by the time you are 16! dont worry. and dont feel left out. I felt like that too. your not missing anything.

Answer #76

Every one gets there period at a different time im 13 and I havnt got mine but my doctor told me I will get it in a yr or 2 or 3

Answer #77

I got mine a month before I was 15 .. I use to really wont it but now I’ve got it I hate it ..

Answer #78

hey! its ok -trust me. I was 14 when I got mine and when I went to the doctors when I was 13 she asked if I started yet and I said no and she said it was alright and I will start soon cause I was still developing and all that. so dont worry u will get urs!!! so as long as u are developing and growing hairs in places than u will start!!! dont worry!!!

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