pc is very slow...

ok. I got my computer from amazon. its starting to get very slow,web pages quit responding a lot…I’ve only had it like a few months. I have avg downloaded but it still has problems. does anyone else have this problem?? and does anyone know how I can get it to speed up and not have as many screw up’s?? plzz help! =]

Answer #1

Is it possible that any ‘spyware’ or ‘adware’ programs have entered your computer? That can slow your computer right down (I experienced that at one point). There are many possible factors, but at this point we can only speculate. I would take it somewhere and see if it can be repaired (a computer specialist should at least be able to identify what the problem is and/ or where it came from).

Answer #2

It really depends on two main things. The specifications of your computer, and how you’re using it.

For example, if you have a PC with 512MB of RAM (Random Access Memory) you won’t have enough space to keep lots of windows and applications open. Perhaps you’ve just got too many things running at once?

You should also know that browsing, downloading, watching and any general internet surfing opens your computer up to all sorts of threats. Although you do have an anti-virus - you’re most definately not immune.

Make sure that everything is up to date, that the information stored on your hard drive isn’t scattered across the registry (Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Defrag).

Finally, delete/uninstall anything that you don’t need/use. Most pieces of hardware (cameras, mice, keyboards etc) come with driver software that you don’t really need. Windows has many of it’s drivers already built in to the system explorer.

If you’re using a mac - that’s your problem.

Answer #3

Forgot to mention also… BEWARE OF AMAZON - THEY WITHDRAWL MONEY WITHOUT PERMISSION. Watch you bank account closely or whichever method of payment you use if you plan on using amazon to buy things!

Answer #4

This might help some if you don’t already do it. open web page go to tools internet options under browsing history hit delete or delete all delete all ofline content

It makes my computer a little faster too. Also there is a website called I’ve seen it advertised on tv. Removes adware/spyware I think

Answer #5

scan the computer with the avg anti virus software and delete all the detected threats .

delete the temp and prefetch files from the computer, go to run type temp, prefetch . select and delete all the files.

delete the temp , cookies, history from the internet explorer. remove unwanted software from the add and remove programs in the control panel.

Disable all start up items from the msconfig utility.

if needed increase the size of the RAM in the computer.

Answer #6

well my pc is a compaq. xp professional, I’ve already tried deleting all my browsing history and all that other junk. I tried everything it is still slow. and I dont have a lot on my pc either. and I only have like 1 or 2 things open at all times. which is normally my yahoo and web browser. I have avant for my web browser. use too have internet explorer it was way worst then so I stopped using it.

Answer #7

Try cleaning out your temporary files and your internet cache. Also, defragmenting your hard drive from time to time and cleaning up your computer’s registry can help increase computer speed a lot.

Answer #8 is a link I tried to share with more tips on how to clean up your PC

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