Help my addiction to soda

Why do people get so addicted to soda? Because my mom will buy me a 24 pack of soda and I would be done with it by the next day why is that? im like only 13 and I love soda…and I dont want to become FATTER!!! help

Answer #1

Treatment for Caffeine Addiction is one of those areas in addiction recovery which still remains unchartered. Its not clear what works. Some people find it easier to just quit all at once. While others including many health professionals feel that reduction in amount of caffeine over a period of time gives the addict the best treatments for ending their caffeine addiction.

What is clear, is the treatment for caffeine addiction needs to incorporate a varied approach. This means nutrition as well as complete cessation of any caffeine whether over a period of time or abruptly. One new treatment is called juice fasting. Followers of this method claim it works with all substances, but the best results have been seen in caffeine addiction.

Of course the more traditional approaches like hypnosis, support groups, therapy and counseling can also be sought after as viable methods in treatment for caffeine addiction. Caffeine’s capacity to make minor physiological changes in the brain, along with its tolerance and withdrawal qualities, mean quite simply that it is an addictive substance—an obvious conclusion. Curiously, there’s scant treatment options available for such a widespread problem: hypnosis therapy and counseling support groups

Caffeine addicts might benefit from the kinds of step-down programs available OTC for smokers. Unfortunately at this time the treatment for caffeine addiction is sparse yet support groups and counseling may be effective.

Answer #2

It is not only the caffeine, it is also the Aspertame which gives you the desire to drink a lot of soda. Aspertame is in everything that you eat or drink. Not good at all. Aspertame contains Rat Poison. I would think twice before I would put a can of sode up to my mouth. Tell your mom if she wants to have you around awhile, she can buy you some vegetable or fruit juice.

Answer #3

Your addicted to the caffeine. Limit yourself. try to drink like 2 a day and drink something that is healthy for you. all that soda isn’t good for you. tell your mom not to buy soo much if she does you might drink it all. tell her to buy you maybe just a 2 lider. that should be good. maybe you should try to get addicted to some healthier drink. everyone nos soda isn’t really good for you. maybe even try drinking soda 3 times a week. that would be a lot better :]] -Brittany

Answer #4

Its the caffeine youre addicted to. I was the same way as you are when I was 13. But I stopped and starting drinking water. I’ve lost 20 pounds because of it… hmm, if you want to quit limit yourself.

Like 3 sodas a day and go down from there.

Answer #5

Just ask your mom to buy smaller packs, your addiction will grow smaller.

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