What will make me feel better?

help me I feel sh*t! What songs, food, movies will make me feel better :( please dont say go see friends they got invited to a party that I didnt get invited too :(

Answer #1

beat the crap out of a pillow. Scream profanities at the top of your lungs. Complain about your problems to a stranger in the grocery store. Break up with the jerk thats making you feel like crap.

Answer #2

sometimes when I’m upset I like to just cry & stuff but other times I want to get happy again here are things to do for both… sad. if you have an ipod make a playlist of songs that make you sad, if you dont, burn yourself a cd. a few songs I have on mine. the freshman- the verve pipe fall to pieces-avril lavigne nobody’s home-avril lavigne hush- juliet simmons she will be loved- maroon 5 teardrops on my guitar- taylor swift you’ll think of me-keith urban or I watch movies that are sad like the notebook, harold & maude, old yeller, etc. take a bubble bath & lay in bed & eat popcorn, chocolate, gummy worms & stuff

happyy! some songs from my playlist that make me dance =] sexy can I-ray j let me blow ya mind- scorpion she’s a rainbow-the sippy cups you made me like it- the 1990s pretty fly =] -the offspring all the small things- blink 182 songs by Cake [never there, the distance, long skirt/short jacket] good charlotte songs do your makeup/hair crazy & dance around in your underwear, think of people who have it a lot worse than you

Answer #3

One thing that worked for me was a lot of really stupid (but hilariously funny) choices. The kind of music or film with random and sudden bursts of humour. I once felt a bit down and a friend of mine made me listen to “the birdie song” and I burst out laughing. I was also in stitches over the films Little Nicky (with Adam Sandler) and Bubble Boy (Jake Gyllenhall). Whatever it takes to make you laugh out loud or even just smile, it’s worth doing. Even if it’s childish, better to behave childish than suffer from depression.

Answer #4

I watch funny shows, that put me in a good mood,…sometimes I exercise it takes my mind off my problems…and raises endorphins, that make you happy…just try to learn to enjoy your company.

that probably didnt help much lol but I just thought id say what I couldd.

Answer #5

I feel better when I watch “Legally Blond” and “Miss Congeniality”. When I’m feeling sad and lonely I find the best thing to do is watch a romantic comedy I’ve never seen before and treat myself to junk food. Not a lot of junk food. But some sort of treat. You know, like a chocolate bar and then a bag of 94% fat free popcorn. You know what movie also makes me feel better? “Keeping the Faith.” It’s adorable. With Ben Stiller and Ed Norton.

Feel free to message me if you’re lonely and bored. hugs, Jill

Answer #6

watch beaches and get all upset, sometimes crying makes you fell better when your sad. the best thing you can do is have something light to eat like carrot sticks, stick beaches on and cry and when your crying because the movies so sad look in the mirror and laugh at yourself and if you havent got beaches try dying young. as for the carrot sticks, I say have something light because ice cream and chocolate is really heavy, can make you feel down, and you’ll fell even worse if you start gaining weight becaus of one sad moment. :)

Answer #7

well when im sad I always just sit next to thr computermand go on msn a and talk to my friends but if you dont want your friends ubcan tlk to an adult about whats your problem but if you ask me I probably would lay in my bed get a phone or a diary andwrite my problems down and then burn that piece of paper so the problems will go away

Answer #8

Just remember that what ever is making you feel sad will pass, and it will pass a lot sooner than you think. Its hard to anwser a question like this becuase we all have different things that make us happy something that I like might be annoying to you. So I would say just get away and really think of what it is that you need that would make you happy. Think back to a time when you were happy think of what is not the same now and maybe what ever is not the same now is what you need to be happy oncde again. goodluck

Answer #9

sometimes when im sad.. I like to drink… a lot… alone… I usuli regret it when I evntually sober up but damn its good before that.

did I mentin im sooo odrunk rite now!

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