Help!!! I told a huge lie, need to get out w/o telling truth!!!

Help!! Told huge lie, and need to find a way out without telling the truth!!!? Help!! I told a lot of my friends that I have all these other friends who are awesome - and I gave my fake friends these bolgus email adresses, and put together two of my real friends with two of my fake friends, if that makes sense. Now my real friends wanna meet my fake friends, and one of my friends is suspicious, she told me she didnt believe any of it, and that she knows im lying and she wants to see proof (like a picture of me with all my friends) I’ve already shown them pics I got off the internet, and now I have a feeling im totally screwed!! I cant, and repeat cant tell the truth! Because everybody will hate me, but I dont usually lie like this, I’ve only told one other huge lie and I got caught, but I sorta used this lie to cover up that lie… Im so confused!! Please, I dont want to tell the truth, I cant! One of my fake friends that I said I had, I said was my boifrend - please!! I need help!! What should I do??? Unless I can convince someone to fill in the roles of my friends?? Or should I just say “why do I need to prove anything to you?” I have no idea!! One of my real friends says that she actually met one of my fake friends, and I know she hasnt because … Well, hes fake! And so I guess shes on my side, but shes also lying but doesnt know that he really isnt real!! Anyway… Help!!! If any of that made sense? I just told a small lie that got bigger, and bigger, and… Help? And please dont make fun of me or put me down, I already have enough stress! :(

Answer #1

just tell the truth and say your really sorry say it over and over and over again yes thell be mad but thell get over it

Answer #2

I’d just say I fell out with them and dont talk to them nemore. lol good luck

Answer #3

I’m sorry that you’re under so much stress… but lying gets no one anywhere. in fact, all it does is hurt people (sometimes like hell). so after you take all and any of the advice provided, I hope you think twice before you make up something else.

Answer #4

I’ve done the same thing and I essentially “broke up” with my fake friends and whatnot. I’m going through the same stress over that and over some other even bigger lies and sins(I’m a pathological liar) and it’s hard to tell the truth, trust me on that one. I think you’re braver for telling the truth than for lying even more but I’m not a good example of this. Just persevere. If you don’t want to tell the truth, then that’s your choice, same as if you do tell the truth. But accept whatever comes with the choice you make. If you don’t tell the truth, deal with the stress (and remember that the truth eventually comes out). If you do tell the truth, look to the friends who do support and stand by you. Trust me, either way, you’ll make it through. Sorry if this doesn’t help!

Answer #5

just tell them if they really are your friends theyll forgive you for your stupid mistake and im sure you dont want to contantly be worrying and lying to them over a stupid lie its not like you can just say they died or moved away and why would you ebven start to lie to them like that probably to make ythem like you more or get more popular, which is silly just tell the truth because sooner or later your concience will force you to

Answer #6

say that your fake boyfriend cheated on you so you like have broken up + then he’s out of the picture, say your other friend is moving some where far away? or fell out with you? or died? but do it with a big gap in between so its not too obvious. or you could get people to pretend to be your fake friends which may be hard seeing as you have already shown them fake pictures but yeahh. at least it will teach you not to lie again.

Answer #7

this lie will only get bigger… if you have “other” friends, it’d be hard to get rid of them right?? you can’t just drop them as friends… right?? it’s a never ending lie… so I’d tell them the truth… why’d you tell it?? maybe you have a good reason and they’ll understand… or just say you was having some fun.. I don’t know.. but the more you lie about it, the bigger it’d get because… they’re technacally your friends… which… aren’t real..

Answer #8

Tell the truth. Tell them you were pulling their legs. And laugh. As hard and loud as you can. Because the next few minutes might be extremely painful. I repeat. EXTREMELY PAINFUL.

Answer #9

baaad situation. I would get fake friends and meet your real friends and stuff then say a while later you got in a huge fight with them and won’t talk to them or something. good luck.

Answer #10

yeah; I was thinking that too. get people to pretend to be the friends yr talking about. but you showed them pictures right…so, how can you pull that off.

good luck. youll need it!

Answer #11

thanks guys! im hoping to just say that I had a fight with them… because knowing them, they will always be angry at me. they cant take a joke!! it started out as a joke, but then my friends took it too seriously - one even asked my fake friend out!! she is a really nice person so… I made my fake friend say yes… I guess thats what started this whole mess!! I just know they are going to confront me on monday… luckely I know I have one true friend who will stand by me through this! :3 thanks Em

Answer #12

say you know them from A)you were at your cousins house (who live far away)and they are your cousins best friends but they dont live near you, however you stay in touch thru Email. OR B)you know them from camp.

Answer #13

You might as well come clean…and end the tangled web…It will be embarrassing, but it will also be the end of it…you won’t have to spend your time and energy trying to come up with another lie…and THAT will feel good.

Hopefully you’ve learned something from this…one lie leads to another and to another…it’s like a juggler trying to keep 20 balls in the air…it just doesn’t work.


Answer #14

It was soo stupid to show them pictures… I’ve found lots of pics that look like the same person, and im really good with editing… I dunno, maybe I will be able to pull of putting myself in their pictures… Sigh. Im so stupid! lol… Maybe I can convince somebody to pretend to be a friend!

Answer #15

Lesson learned: lies snowball…tell the truth and you won’t have to try and remember what you said yesterday !!

Answer #16

get your cousins or family to play along if you hae to BRIBE them…make sure they talk about your fake friends all the time infront of your real friends, like “when is _ comming over?” if you cant do that it always helps to photoshop =) it always works then show it to all your friends.. (your real ones) or you can just meet new people and ask them to do you a favor (some people would totally be thrilled to do that- to just pretend to be someone else) or you can hire escorts =) oh yea…lol I hope this helped!Best of luck xx-Mare-Bear-xx

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