Help I'm being bullied!

“Some people at ma high school are treating me like dirt, I don’t know what to do they spit on me, call me stuff, through items at me like a open can of cola,someone pushed me into a wall and fratured my fingers! Help me please!!” thanx fi beckz

Answer #1

that sounds like harassment and not simple bullying…

talk to a teacher and explain EVERYTHING they have done, or you could tell the cops…

just do something and dont take that crap…

Answer #2

Physical or Mental abuse is never ok. There is no reason why you should allow someone to throw things at you or make you feel bad. All schools have a no-bully tolerance and you need to go to your prinicpal or your school counselor and report what is happening so that something can be done. Remember that you are probley not the only person that they are doing this too and if you turn them in you are helping more than just yourself.

Answer #3

wow you need to get some kind of authority involved

Answer #4

Don’t worry becki. you know me Zoe and the rest of the gang will always try and keep you up, even at the darkest of times, with the most powerful cure, a hug. you know what to do, your smart, genius actually, you tell the headteacher wats going on, I know how it feels, I’ve been treated like crap, like bein called queer when I’m clearly not! I’ve been called beeg, but do I care? No! They can say watever they like, I will just simply ignore and pity them for thinking they know me when they have no idea what I’m like. REMINDER: Never get into physical fighting because that will lead you to a whole load more problems which is quite impossible to give advice for. Remember you do have friends that look up to u! Keep reminding urself that are going to have a better life and success than they can ever dream of. Luv you XxXxOoOo

Answer #5

whoa…have you told somebody? if they messed up your fingers, that is assault. They spit on you and all that stuff, that is harassment and is not tolerated at school, same thing with being bullied…it is not acceptable! I was bullied and made fun of in middle and high school and I did nothing! You need to tell an administrator and your parents and take some action! don’t it asap!

Answer #6

I hope this still is not happening to U! If it is report the problem & if that doesnt stop it, take some martial arts classes and learn how to defend yourself so the next time you can fight back!

Answer #7

Right well for starters you can’t let it go on [you’ve probably realised that already] ignore everything bad they say because they’re probably just bored so they thought it would be fiun to pick on someone. Tell a teacher that helps when things get bad and if it makes no difference I think you should move schools.

Answer #8

When I was in school (a million years ago) I tended to avoid bullies, and by high school, most of the bullies weren’t in my classes anymore, so I never really ran into them.

However, I know I was lucky in many respects in this regard. Bullies sometimes seek you out or specifically target you, and since you’re forced to be within the confines of a school (or a class) with them, they are often difficult to avoid in these situations. This sucks. If they are spitting or physically harming you, that’s assault and/or battery, I.e. criminal offenses, and beyond simple bullying or getting picked on. Even merely spitting on someone is considered assault in today’s legal system, because bodily fluids like spit can carry diseases. Cops, parents and teachers should become involved immediately, starting with your parent(s) or guardian(s).

Answer #9

I would speak to someone, but treatment like this can be a cause by many factors. When I went to high school I saw my friends bully other people and I always told them to stop or talked to them in order for them not to get picked on. I never got picked on in high school but I had confidence in myself and try to be outgoing. Find something you love whether its soccer, art, ceramics, dance and do it. You meet many friends the more you are involved and therefore lots of back up. But first solve this issue by asking the person on a 1-1 why they treat you that way and tell a teacher.

Answer #10

woaahh. that is just not sane. how can kids be so cruel? yucckk. they disgust me, but you really need to get some help. tell someone, anyone. parents, teachers. good luckk :)

Answer #11

there are 2 things that you can do

  1. if he is about your size tell him off (if you are able 2 defend urself) mayb box him off. 2.snitch to somebody older than him (teacher, parent, police, bigger sibling, or gang member etc.) hope this helped. ;)
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