I Dropped My Cell Phone In The Toilet

ok, on sunday I dropped my cell phone in a toilet… I know im dumb… anyway, my friends brother told me to take out the battery and let it sit in dry rice for the night, so I did…now when I put the battery in And plug in the charger it will turn on and I can call out but my screen is white and fuzzy!!! does anyone know what else I can do???

Answer #1

…it’s ‘’new phone’’ time.

Answer #2

lol I remember when my 1yr old neice flushed my sisters camera down the toitlet it was hilarious!but your phones probably messed up now!I suggest getting a new one

Answer #3

I’ve dropped my cell in the toity on many occasions… mum wasnt happy.. because the first time it was a razr and the second time a slvr… and I dried em out.. and.. they didnt work for a little while.. like the screen woudlnt work… so I gave up.. then a weel ;ater I forgot about it. and turned it on and it worked… just give it some time

Answer #4

if its not working now its probabluy not going to start working again or go back to normal the best thing to do would be to get a new phone its probably dangerouse to use your old phone now that its been in water as well so get rid of it, or re-cycle it

Answer #5

There is one “desperation” trick that has been shown to work. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes.

The cel phone in question had been dropped into a pint glass of beer at a bar, and after two days of drying, the screen was in the same state as yours – fuzzy and inoperable. So the cel was placed in a glass of 99% denatured alcohol (rubbing alcohol). The rubbing alcohol will draw all the remaining water out of the nooks and crannies of the phone, and since it is non-conductive and dries EXTREMELY rapidly, the cel phone SHOULD be back working again assuming the water has not done irreparable damage to the circuitry in the phone.

The phone that I saw was back to working order in an hour. Another friend tried the same trick to no avail, however, so while the rubbing alcohol trick does work, it’s not 100%.

Answer #6

If your screen continues to be fuzzy, I would take your phone back to where you bought it from and see what they can do for that. At least you can call out that’s good. I would still recomend you taking the phone back and have them take a look just to be on the safe side. We all make mistakes one way or the other. Having a cell phone fall in the toilet is somewhat common for some people but, it doesn’t happen to often.

Answer #7

OOPS ! ! ! the fuzzy screen is probably the moisterization (condensed water) on the back of the screen. if you know how to take the screen off, try cleaning the back. if not, – DO NOT TRY ! ! ! let it sit for about a week maybe, and it will naturally evaporate. you can also send it to any cellphone repair place, and they can fix it for you. If you ever do that again, try taking out the battery and place both the phone and the battery in rice - the rice soaks up the water and acts as a sponge - it works I’ve done it before. hope that helps, best, Neoz

Answer #8

I’ve dropped 3 phones in the bath tub. I always use the blow dryer and they work!

Answer #9

who are u???^^^ (lilbuddy)

Answer #10

lilbuddy,,,are you being sarcastic?!?!!!??? because im not that stupid!!!

Answer #11

Will you be my friend

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Answer #13

Put it in very hot water

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