I dont understand why I cant lose weight

I actually am looking for advice on weight loss. This sounds odd and really even my doctor wouldnt listen. I weigh about 300# and am 5’6. I admit I can be lazy but didnt use to be, years of being active with no progress kinda made me that way. I eat healthy food, dont eat fast food or drink soda. I eat whole grain foods and fresh fruits and veggies and do everything I am suppose to I eat about 1000-1400 calories a day . I have been eating like this for about a yr and a half. Until about a month ago I was active, can t really say working out but doing some walking and actually cross fit training with kids each night ( 150 crunches, 150 squats, 150 lunges, 150 reverse crunches) I am not much of a couch or computer potato but in the past yr and a half I have lost like 20 lbs thats it!!! Anyone have any suggestions? Yes it makes me feel better to exersize and eat right but I hate being 300 lbs,

Answer #1

well, let me start off by saying that having kids, (I’m not sure how old you are but the older you get the harder it is to lose weight) I think it’s great what you are doing, your excercising is great, my first suggestion is for you got go to a modells or sports authority and get barbells (free wights) get a set that’s 5lbs and one that’s 8lbs. if you can handle more, then start with 8 and 10lb barbells. cardio and calisthetics ain’t gunna do squat unless you build your muscles up. you’re working your legs, and butt and abs but you need to start working on your arms and chest. you might not see a lot of acutal WEIGHt loss, because muscle weighs a lot more than fat, so don’t entierly strust the scale. instead get one of those tailor measuiong tapes and measure your hips, waist, chest, thighs, calves, fore amrs, biceps, and neck. ever two weeks. also switch up your excercise routines!!! this is a biggie, because your body will get used to a particular routine and you will burn a lot less calories in a work out than you used to when you started out. another thing to consider, do you have a health issue? thyroid problems are a big problem with weight gain/loss. this is more common than anything else. I suggest going to your doc and having him run a bunch of tests. fromt he sound of it you need a new doctor too. one that works with you and listens. also, you might be on a plateu, which is when you hit a certain number and no matter what you do the scale just wont budge. this is easily broken by a certain fast. you need to do this right though, if you want you can email me and I will type it up for you. it’s very specific, not dangerous at all, it’s also very healthy because it shoos out the toxins from your system and jump starts your metabolism, plus breaks you free of that plateu. I hope this helped! messag me at phoenix240 @ yahoo . com if you need anything okay/


Answer #2

well you see I wan to lose weight but I cannot I have tried but I cant even if I exercise what shall I do ? well you should stop eating junk food and start exercise I weigh 9stone and now weigh 7stone which is good !

Answer #3

Thanks for the replys, I do not jog well,,, have you ever been 300 lbs and tried to jog. that is why I walk. thanks

Answer #4

try weight watchers. I know a couple people who did it and although it takes time, the results are amazing. its the only diet that reallly works.

Answer #5

Acually 20 pounds may sound like a lot but it is. If you are doing all those things you should be seeing resluts but have to be consistent. And also it could just be in your genes honestly.

Answer #6

seriously a personal trainer is a silly waste of money. listen to this though, about a month ago I got this slimming tea called Wu-Yi tea and it’s done amazing things for me! I lost 5lbs in 1 1/2 days! it’s $25 a month and it’s sooo good for you! read up on it, it’s truly amazing. plus, sometimes I take this Mega-T green tea diet pills with hoodia and they were great too! I stopped buying them because I keep forgetting to take them but I love the tea! they send you a buuunch of information to help you lose weight and how to eat right etc etc honestly, I know a lot about nutrition and health, all that good stuff. and this tea is something else. search about it, you will lose weight, and a lot of it!

Answer #7

SORRy fOR thE SitUAtiON your going thRU ;

MAyBE YUh ShUd CONSidER fittiN iN A lil MORE EXERCiSE iNtO your dAily ROUtiNES ; iN WhiCh dUE tyME CAN iNCREASE thE NUMbER Of CAlORiES you ARE bURNiNG .


CERtAiN tyPE Of EXERCiSES fOR EXAMPlE dONt MAkE you lOSE WEiGht ; thEy ONly tONE your bOdy UP ;

hAVE you thOUGht AbOUt going jOGGiN OR RUNNiN EVERy MORNiN OR AftERNOON if you hAVE tyME ? thiS IS REAlly GOOd idEA tO MAkE you bURN CAlORiES && SWEAt Off thE POUNdS =]

Answer #8

if you are serious about losing weight join weight watchers its easy it works and in 3 months you can loose 20 lbs

Answer #9

try running for 15 minutes then lift weights 15 minutes then row or bike for another 15 mintues - 5 days a week. Cut calories to 1200 - 1400 a day. Also try a detox tea for two weeks to jump start your organs. No meat dairy or anything white.

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