Help me stop cutting myself!

Hi, my name is autin. I’m 14 and I cut cause a girl I dated and loved dearly broke up with me, and is being a bitch to me, this is why I cut. What do you think I should do? I have made 49 cuts in one day. Please help

Answer #1

I have a good idea that worked for me. Start doing martial arts…karate, tae kwon doe, judo, kajukenbo, etc…it is really fun and a good alternative because you still feel pain (im in kajukenbo and we take turns doing takedowns on each other) but also you learn how to defend yourself and become stronger both mentally and physically. Try that! Also, talk to people who care about you or a counselor but martial arts will make you not want to cut actually you won;t need to.

Answer #2

first of all. love does not exist. it isn’t possible. second. the first boyfriend/girlfriends we have always seem the most heartbreaking. don’t understand why, that’s just the way it is. third. at 14, we don’t really know what love is. no one really does, actually. so basically, if we have a huge crush on someone, we basically throw ourselves at them, screaming “I love you, I love you!” which is really creep and sad to begin with.

summary. you conned yourself into thinking you were in love. because everyone has this obsession with finding and being in love. stop trying. just let everything happen.

Answer #3

I did the same thing! my boyfriend of 8 months told me he didn’t love me anymore and I started cutting.

I don’t know your religious views but I went to someone in my church and helped me discover ways to release my feelings a different way. its hard to get over I know but I don’t know about you I started to get tired of hiding my cuts. my friends started being alarmed by why I was wearing jackets and why I had bandaids all the time. as much as it helps maybe now to cut yourself I will make you feel worse in the long run. I look at my scars every day and am reminded of what happened and how I felt at the time.

its hard but just believe in yourself

Answer #4

sweetheart, if you ever need someone to talk to, message me. I know its tough, I cut myself too and im 19. but I understand and im not going to make fun of you.

Answer #5

hey funmail me…I hit myself too…

Answer #6

Only you can stop. Little ideas of prevention may stop the urge a little. But if It’s an addiction and due to things in your life, work out those things, and the urge may decrease. Some people cut themselves when they are happy, just knowing what makes you tick exactly will help stop.

I’d advise if you are to continue, don’t leave big scars, you might regret them later in life.

Answer #7

Self mutilation only takes away the pain temporarily…once that high is gone, your left with scars. NOBODY is worth mutilating your body for. Im sure I will not be the first one to tell you, but this was really stupid on your part….the good thing is you are seeking a solution to the problem…you want help. You need to talk to someone about this…like your parents or friends that you are really close to. This is a highly addictive behavior and you are going to need all the help you can get to stop. Think to yourself…was the reason you started doing this for worth it…has it made anything better? Again…embrace your young adulthood…be a teenager…don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is going to constantly throw you challenges…it is up to you whether you face them or back down, become weak and cut yourself over it. I don’t mean to sound harsh. We all have our problems. I just hate to see someone doing that to themselves.

Answer #8

put a rubber band around your wrist and when you feel like cutting snap the band against your skin the whole point of cutting is to feel so snapping the band is just as effective.

Answer #9

I’ve seen one of my favorite Shows about this girl who cutted her wrists and Legs.

What you should do is throw away the blades, and put on a rubber band around your wrists one or both, and whenever you feel stressed, Snap that Thang! Hope it works!

Answer #10

throw stuff instead it really helps releave a lot of stress. but dont throw things at people lol. just find something that wont break, like a ball, and just throw it over and over again at a wall or something as hard as you can until you feel better. or throw rocks, but not in a direction where there will be people or houses or cars etc…

cus that wouldnt be good =]

and iff the girl you like is being a b*tch then dont talk to her. you seem like a sensitive guy who probobly deserves better.

Answer #11

omg, i can’t belive you wud actually do this to yourself!don’t punish yourself over some bitch.from your picture you look like a nice attractive guy, which means you’ll have another gf in no time!as for you ex acting like a bitch to you, i want you to ignore her entirely!if she wants to be a bitch, let her be one, but let her do it to herself (if that makes any sense at all)just plz stop cutting yourself…it makes me sad that you’re in this much of luck! ~kittykatlovr814

Answer #12

I know this topic is old but for the fact of the matter is because of some of the people answering this question in this topic that people would go to such great lengths as to relieve there emotional feelings through physical pain. I having done it in the past and having an addiction to pain (I am masochistic and Sadistic) I know how it feels to practice what this kid did. now if you still havent found a good answer let me see if I can help a little. to let you have a little backround on cutting and why it is so widely used or … well known rather. Cutting causes those who ACTUALLY practice it to feel better because there bodies basically make them feel better by the replacement of emotional feelings with Physical pain (as I have already said) this is basically like smoking pot though you see it has no long term effect it is as some would say a … “Quick Fix.” when I practiced it I started researching you see I felt that I should learn how to help people and so I did my damndest to quit cutting and start helping to date I have helped over 300 people since I stopped cutting. and not with just cutting but with Rape Abuse snapping biting and many other things including this. (I stopped cutting about 2 years ago). and since I am there for those near and far (I have helped people all across the U.S. I dont see any reason for me not to help you so if you ever need help or just general info about cutting just send me an email or a message. if you need quick help let me tell you this just because when you cut you feel a little better let me tell you again it is ONLY a quick fix and that is all it will ever be trust me when I say it isnt worth it. you can kill yourself if you arent careful about where you cut and trust me when I say you’ll regret it when you find out you are dieing from blood loss or some other severe problem.

Answer #13

DUDE!! theres PLENTY of girls out there. dont cut yourself just because a girl broke up with you. brush it off and get a new girl.

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Answer #15

find someother way to take your anger out or w/e the heck you retarded pple do cause your sooo saaaddd..BOO HOO SUCK IT UP SISSY!

Answer #16

yeah, cutting yourself isnt going to bring her back. or going to change anything, except make scars on yourself. and by those scars, it’ll make the whole thing harder to get over. I understand the pain your going through. Been there, done that. why dont you find someone that you feel comfortable talkin to , and talk to them about your problem. Maybe you just need to git it all out. Or why dont you find another way to git rid of your anger/depression besides hurtin yourself more than you did. She obviously doesnt know what shes loosing, and its her loss! Dont put yourself down over someone else mistake…good luck!

Answer #17

Hi my name is Leandra and I’m 14 too. To be honest, young love never works out for me either. Especially when it’s someone that you were seriously in love with. I too have a problem with cutting myself, but I find it helpful to think about other things in life (the happy things). If I’m ever craving to cut myself I would do something that I love such as watching my favorite movie (The Lord of the Rings) or go to the park across the street and practice on my skateboard. I hope you find this helpful.

Answer #18

OMG you really should not do that. you need to get serious counseling cause cutting really doesn’t help u.

Answer #19

Dude there are more chicks out there. Stop being emo and just find a different girl.

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