Golden retriever is fat and stupid

My dog is sorta fta tho has lost weight but she is also stupid I meen she knows how to sit,lie down,fetch,shake hands ect but she doesnt understand anything besides that you say come and she stares at you with her cute puppy dog eyes and then runs away 2 twice this yera I’ve lost her because shes ran awya and yet im the closest to her she understands me and I dont understand her!!! How do I make her loose weight and train her to accualy b gwd and not dig my mum is threanening me she will give her away HELP!!!

Answer #1

a dog is a big responsibility which is probably a lot more than what you first expected when you bought the dog if shes always in the same area for long periods of time, then this will make her bored, and restless try sitting in the same area doing nothing for a long period of time? doesnt sound so fun does it she needs exitment, she needs something to play with why is she unhealthy? maybe because you dont exerscise her enough dogs love to be taken on regular walks and keep in mind, if al you feed her is carbs and dont exerscise her to let her burn it off, then she will gain weight just like a human would makeing her unhelathy and unmotivated and doggie treats work great for training her, when she does something right, reward her dont just sit back and expect the problem to fix itself because it wont take her on regulare walks and watch her diet

Answer #2

A dog is a reflection of the human it is with. Not my statment.

What I mean by this is dogs, don’t know “how “ to live in a house, they only know survival and “fly or flight”. We are the ones that humanized them, so now we need to teach them what “we” want, we are taking away things that they need and expecting them to be like us. Not totally going to happen. When you take her out she needs to be on a leash to learn the rules and boundries you set. Two you need to measure her food ( look on the food bag, most will tell you how much to feed a dog of her weight) Three- No food in the bowl all day, ( give it to her, if she does not eat it, you take it up) Four- Green beans are a great weight loss food for dogs, cut back some of her dog food and use Green beans, (no butter or salt) Five- take her for walks, these dogs need to burn there energy

I hate to say it but if your life is unhappy because of the dog, then the dog is unhappy also, she needs a job, she needs to be entertained. She needs to know what you expect of her, Keep the training sessions to about 15 min a couple of times a day. You need to be consistent if you want your dog to get better.

so this is what I mean by a dog is a reflection of his or her owner.

Answer #3

I use doggie chocolates and she still runs off I no they are intelligent dogs every golden retriever I’ve seen is intelligent.

Thsi is what I do… I take her out side I show her I have a treat give her some and I say come and then treat and then when I finish giving her that treat she runs away then she will come back in like 30 minutes and then I throw the ball and she comes so shes like learnt it but she cant keep running away for 30 minutes just to sniff she has to do what she is told and shes 6 which means she isnt a puppy anymore

Answer #4

I find that “alone time” in the patio makes my dogs pace, play in the protected out doors, and generally keeps him more active than laying on the carpet. There is an added benefit of putting a dog outside for a few hours… If your dog likes to be inside, you can use the inside as reward… no tricks, no inside… let him see you inside… in a short amount of time the dog will understand that tricks = inside.

Answer #5

LOL…sounds to me like there’s a training problem, not a dog problem…and if she doesn’t come when asked to…either she KNOWS that it’s not a real requirement, or she simply doens’t understand what you want.

Dogs are time intensive…they don’t come “knowing” what humans want. Put her on a long line…25 to 30 feet, and start working with her on coming…put treats in your pocket at first (just one little kibble for a successful “come”)…Have her sit/stay…then walk away, maybe 5 feet…say “come”…then give her tug…when she gets to you, ask her to sit…then reward. Keep moving further out, and repeat. Before long, don’t offer a treat everytime…maybe two in a row, then none for 3 comes…until you can take the treat aspect out of it. Remember ALWAYS reward with voice and body language…like they are the best thing since sliced bread.


Answer #6

Golden retrievers aren’t stupid, they are intelligent dogs very capable of learning if you know how to teach them properly. Use her favourite treats to entice her to come and reward/praise her when she does what you want her to do. You have to be consistent and keep trying until she gets the message.

Answer #7

How is your dog stupid if she knows tricks? It sounds to me like it’s not the dog that is having problems - it you and your parents. Obviously you are not training her right or you are not showing her that you are the head of the pack and in charge in the household. You have to show dominance to a dog (remember they are pack animals) to get them to listen and to obey you.

Also, your complaining about her weight - but your feeding her doggy chocolate? I would suggest getting some more healthy snacks. Also, do not give her the treat until she has done something good - you are giving her a treat before she even does anything.

Answer #8

Well, girl, your dog is not stupid. Perhaps no dogs are stupid. You owe her, you love her.

Maybe you can bring her to the vet and ask for some advices. Watch her diet. However, please DO NOT starve her alright ?

Puppies require a lot of people’s time. They are just like the babies. So please, be patience. Talk to her. She will understand.

Well, take good care of her okay ? Good luck !

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