How do you plant a sun flower???

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I grew 27 sunflowers this year. I planted all the seeds in one pot. when the sprouts got to be about 2 inches tall I seperated them into 3 sprouts per pot. then when they got about a foot tall I planted them in the ground remaining in groups of three. If you stick the seed straight in the ground, most likely a critter will get to them and eat them. I planted a few in the ground around the house and none of them grew they all got ate. Sunflowers cant get enough water. I saturated mine every mourning. It takes like 8 or nine weeks for the flower to blooom. Be patient the outcomme is beutiful

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Something with big seeds like a sunflower should be easiest to plant directly in the pots however you want them arranged, with a couple extras in each pot in case some don't sprout. Then just pull and discard any extra ones after they sprout.

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