Can anyone identify this flowering plant?

I took this photo during a recent cruise around the Greek Islands in Europe. I believe these were on the Island of Crete.

It was around 4 feet tall (just over a meter) and quite bushy.

I would like to identify it as I want to see if it is possible to grow it the South of England where I live.

Many thanks

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Kiasu, don't give it a miss!! There is NO WAY it would be invasive in your climate. It's sold here as an annual and very popular in hanging baskets. Buy one, and enjoy it...

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Many thanks.

I have read up on this and in some countries, this plant is treated like an invasive pest so maybe I will give it a miss.


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its a Lantana...from what I know about this species it really likes sun. not sure if it'd grow in England...maybe in a greenhouse. either way you can always give it a shot.

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welcome back!

That is a lantana... tropical. I am not sure if it will grow in the UK or at least if it does, a slight frost may kill it.

Edit: It's zone 8 which covers most of england, that means the frost won't kill it. But it does love hot full sun. If it doesnt get enough sun, it will just give you less flowers. I'd say it's worth a try!

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I'm not sure but my mum has this bush thing in the garden which has flowers like that.I think it's bigger than a metre because it's taller than me and I'm 1m 48cm. I also live in the south of England! Sorry if this is the wrong flower. I don't know the name of it and my mum has gone to town.

Can anyone identify this plant?

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