Can you get pregant from fingering

I wanna know can you get pregant from fingering, or can that affect your vagina later on in life.
Does that mean you lose your virginity

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yeah. you can 'pop your cherry' by fingering, but that's not losing your virgnity.. but the only way to lose your virginity is if a penis enters your vagina.

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you can only get pregnant if sperm is exposed to the vaginal area. so unless there was sperm on his fingers, theres no way yur pregnant.

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...if there's semen on the finger, yes...

Can you get pregnant if a guy fingers you?
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come on now...some people debate on whether oral sex is actually sex or not
but to wonder if a finger in your vag is losing your virginity is kinda funny :]
losing it can only happen with penis and vagina.

the only way it could affect you later is if the guys finger was dirty or something and could give you an infection.

other than that..
youre safe :]

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lorenaebling- you don't lose your virginity by fingering hun... only if the penis penetrates the vagina

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