cute,fun ideas for a new teenage room

what are some really cute,fun ideas for a new teenage room. im 14,and I love pinkk(: but I can’t paint my walls drastic anymore/: anyone have anything?

Answer #1

what about pink & purple curtains, but a sheer material, also have large pink/purple & blue butterflies hanging from your ceiling or pin them up on your wall & for your door have those hanging beads, pink & blue crystal type!!

all the best & have fun xo

Answer #2

how about you get black wall paint and black sheets because black is the new pink and that is how life is dark and gloomy my room is neon colored sheets (stripes) and bright pillows and a 4 foot tall teddy with Pink and Blue bell things hanging from the wall. with white walls. I have two windows so if you dont have two take a hammer and make another one. DUHH.

Answer #3

I just redecorated my room and this is what it looks like:

1 wall (with my bed by it) is hot pink, and the other 3 are cream with a hint of pink. All the stuff like bed sheets and curtains match the pink, and it looks amazing. (: I’ve personalised it as well, with pictures of friends and family and little quirky things I love =]

hope this helps ;D x

Answer #4

Have a feature wall. Paint one wall pink and the rest white or a very light baby pink. My room is painted this way so I still have colour but not so much that it looks tacky. Buy some brightly coloured fluffy cushions or a rug or a funky lamp (a lava lamp can be cool & they come in different colours.) Or you can get cheap canvas paintings that are abstract (lots of colour) which you either paint yourself or buy them pre-done and hang them up on the walls. I have a little mirror ball hanging up near my curtain so when the light shines in my room it sends specks of pretty light around the place.

Answer #5

how about baby pink walls and pink duvet cover and sheets on your bed, or a pink canvas or painting to hand up on the wall.. get lots of pink rooms accessoirees– carpet, rug, chair etc

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