Does health insurance cover braces or how much do they really cost??

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It depends. Many health insurance plans do not cover dental. Braces can go into the thousands of dollars. So it depends.

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I dont believe so actually, I think only dental insurance does. I believe they are around 8 thousand?

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It depends on the plan you are. Best would be to phone your medical aid or to find out from your health insurance company.

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my cousin had braces, and my uncle said it cost like 5 thousand to get them. which isnt too bad to be honest considering the benefits you get from braces

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mine were around 2,000 with a discount and health insurance but many places theyll let u pay in a little of it each month until its paid off

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All depends on the insurance. I was on my parents when I had braces and it only cover $750.00 of it. Rest was out of pocket.

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