Have you ever been raped or sexually assaulted?

Too many girls stay silent about it because they are scared and they don’t think it happens to very many people.

Silence is a sexual violence perpetrator’s best defense weapon. YOU can stop it from possibly happening to another woman if you just speak up.

You would be surprised at how common sexual violence actually is.

1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be sexually abused by the time they are 18 years old

The average age of a child who is being sexually abused is 9 years old

Child Sexual Abuse is the most under-reported crime in our country

If there are more than 10 people in a room - at least one of you is a survivor

Have you ever been raped or sexually assaulted? Are you in the healing process? What do you find best that reduces triggers?

I am a survivor of extensive childhood sexual abuse and rape and I’m looking for others as a support group during the healing process.

If you’re uncomfortable with posting here, please funmail me.

Answer #1

my father. It was once when I was 8ish. I never told anyone because I kinda felt like I did something wrong. Of course now I know that I didn’t do anything to deserve that but I still can’t bring myself to tell. My mom would be so heartbroken. I wouldn’t be able to look at her and not feel guilty for haveing have burdened her like that. I told my father that if he tried anything again I would tell my mom and she would literally kill him or I would just kill myself and leave my suicide note in a place where my mom would find but he wouldn’t and then he would be left to explain to people why his 8 year old daughter killed herself. For some reason that actually worked. He still lives with us but I make it very clear that I hate him and would love the chance to cut out his heart if he even looks at one of my sisters wrong. I feel like I am strong enough to tell my mother but at the same time I can’t because we are financially dependant on him and we can barely make ends meet now. We would have to move out of the town we live in now and my sisters would have to make completely different friends and I just can’t do that to them. Its a strange situation but I have to endure it for the sake of my little sisters. I’ve always been like a second mother to them so I feel responsible for their happiness in a way. … I dont know… One day I’ll tell my mom but much later on in life. My parents kinda hate eachother so I dont think my dad will be living with us too much longer anyway. Maybe after he’s gone I’ll tell her… I dont know.

Answer #2

Yes. my husband sexually assulted me. Weird but true. I know stories of men doing this to children, but to your own wife!!! thats cruel. I havent got anything against sex, it is a God given. But I hate it when he mistreated my body while im sleeping. ok, I know my marraige is over. buzy with divorce case. He doesnt want to get divorced and wants us to live like this forever. He also doenst want to promise he will stop this behavior.

Answer #3

it’s funny that I’m posting this on a public website, and I don’t even tell this to my best friend, who herself has been molested many times as a child. :/ I had a really similar experience as lex_icon. I’m not completely sure if anything happened either, but I think something did. I was 7 years old when my family went to my step-uncles house to visit and eat dinner. I hardly remember anything, but I do remember that my girl cousin from the other side of the family was there and was only 4 years old at the time and my step-uncles creepy friend was there as well, and he was about 40 something. we were all supposed to sleep over there, but my cousins father called and said that she had to be home that night, so my parents left my sister and I there with my step-uncle and his friend while they dropped my cousin off. I remember my sister and step-uncle intensely playing video games in one room while his friend was chasing me around and tickling me around the rest of the house, and I remember wanting to stop. after that everything was kind of fuzzy, but I do remember when my parents came back from dropping off my cousin, there was a huge argument which consisted of EVERYONE vs. the friend, I was drenched in sweat and was shaking and crying, and then we stormed home. within the next couple days at home, I remember needing to throw away something, and in the trash can I found the pants I was wearing that night at my step-uncles house, and there was blood in the uh hoo-ha area. I didn’t know what that meant until I got older.

Answer #4

when I was 7 I was sexually assulted over and over again for a whole summer. their was no evidence that anything happened so im trying to put it behind me and move on with my life. I also took it as a learning experience. im also talking to my teacher and my mentor who I love to death about it and im trying to grow from it and become a survivor not a victom.

Answer #5

I was… and I kept it a secret for 4 months.. when I tried to tell everyone… no one could prove it because the evidence was gone. =[ but that doesn’t stop the way I feel about my daughter…

Answer #6

When I was in Grade.2 my mom used to go over to this womans house that had grandchildren. I would sometimes go over there with her because her grandchildren were my friends. One night I went over there and there were 2 boys and 1 older girl there (shes 4 or 5 years older then me, one boy was a year older then me, and the other boy was 3 years older then me). The youngest boy that was there didn’t do anything, I guess he just watched it all happen. They were all in the womans room, I don’t know what they were doing in there to begin with. But, I went in there to hang out with them. The girl told me to take my pants off, I didn’t do it at first, but eventually did. The older boy was laying on the bed and she got me to go lay with him…which was weird because him and my sister had a thing for eachother. He got ontop of me and I didn’t know what was going on. I felt something go in me, I felt really weird. It only lasted a little bit, maybe 5 minutes. I had no idea what had just happened. I didn’t know what sex was, I was a little kid. As I grew up I realised what had went on that night. The girl had gotten us to have sex. I still to this day don’t know if the guy who actually did it wanted to or not. I felt so… I don’t even know how to explain it. The night it happened I went home and was scared to sleep in my own bed so I slept in my older sisters bed with her. I wanted to tell her that something had happened but didn’t. I never mentioned it to anyone, even when it happened I didn’t tell anyone. I think the reason why I didn’t was because they were my friends and I trusted them. I hung out with them all the time and I didn’t think they would do anything bad to me. This was the first and only time they ever did anything like that to me that I remember.

It still haunts me today, I cry everynight before I sleep because I feel so empty, feels like its me against the world. The only person who I ever told was my old bestfriend which was when I was 13-years-old, and I’m posting it on here because I need to get it out of my system. I’m hoping to gain enough power in me to tell my parents someday, I just don’t think they will understand why I’ve waited so long to say anything.I am now 18-years-old.

Answer #7

When I was about 5 or 6 years old my dad left me with a friend of the family for about a week. every night he would take mine and his sons close off and make us take baths with him and do what ever he said. I was so scared of him and wanted to talk but he said if I said a word I couldn’t ever leave his house and he laughed about it. I’ve never told anyone about this before because it was embarissing being a guy who was sexually abused. Thank you for this spot to talk about it

Answer #8

I have been serveal times, by different people. The first time it happened was with my stap brothers dad. Then it happened again with these 5 guys at a football game, I had knwn them all my life,and I was good friends with them, yea I had slept with one of them before, but I wanted to. But this time they all took turns, I mean I didn’t want it, but I couldn’t stop it, they were all 18, and on was 17, I have never told anyone, and I don’t plan on it. I mean it’s hard to talk about, but yea

Answer #9

I have been to, by my father and uncle. Women and girls out there, do not keep your mouths shut about this, tell everyone, if you let them get away with it then they will do it again, it doesnt stop with you. Im now an adult been married for 13 years have been in and out of therapy, it still bothers me to this day when something makes me remember. (smells or certain touches) please stand up tall and know that this is not your fault, you are the victim here.

Answer #10

I have been

Answer #11

just because there’s no evidence doesn’t mean you can’t press charges.

A sexual predators best weapon is secrecy.

My perp is currently in jail and awaiting trial. He’s been in jail for 5 months and there is no evidence.

xox Sika

Answer #12

I havent been raped but two of my cousions have and it has ruiend there lives I cant imagne what makes people want to hurt others but watching my younger cousion sit and fall to pieces stop eating drinking sleeping is propably the worst thing I have ever had to deal with and I wasnt the one whoo got hurt I hope that the scumbags that hust children teenagers even adults get what they deserve x

Answer #13

I wasn’t…but I know a few people that have been…it doesn’t matter who they are, its just so sad that people do this…especially people in a position of trust, like a step-father etc. It makes my blood BOIL

Answer #14

It happened to me too many times to pick out just one. It was a very common occurrence as I grew up. When I was little, I thought it was normal… we trust the adults in our lives. But as I grew older I knew it was wrong but I was too scared to do anything about it. So the sexual abuse and rape continued until I was 19… when I just got up the guts to pack up my things and “run away” pretty much. I moved two states away… I drove all night.

A few months later I made a police statement and decided to proceed to bring charges against the man, along with my sister and another girl from a previous marriage of his.

I’m proud to say that I just found out yesterday the trial date has been moved up and set for 2 months from now, and I’m terrified.

Answer #15

I’ll go ahead and put myself out there. Yes, I have been. It’s not an easy thing to talk about, but if it helps others I can. I’d rather not do it here in the open forum, too exposed. But I can say it happens way more than people know or think. I’d say a huge amount of kids keep it silent because they think they are protecting someone. I didn’t tell my mom because I always thought she would die of a heart attack if she knew. Also the person that did it said they would kill her if I told her. Here I was, a young child, and had to protect my mom. It’s so sad what these horrible, nasty people do to others.

Answer #16

Just because there is no evidence doesn’t mean you can’t press charges. My perp has now been in jail for 9 months, and there was no physical evidence of the abuse.

Don’t stay silent! 15 of 16 rapists walk free (and are free to do it to someone else!)

xox Sika

Answer #17

this makes me so mad I’m a guy rapist make men look like monsters and they should have band Alchol a long time ago this makes me fell so horrible but not many girls tell anyone it happen and I …try to tell the girls that do tell me to tell their parents none diserve to be raped and everyone that does rape doesn’t diserve the thing in there pants.

Answer #18

I might just cry I honor you girls’ bravery

Answer #19

I have been too

Answer #20

Thank you for sharing ladies :)

xox Sika

Answer #21

My heart goes out to those girls (and guys) who stay silent. It’s awful to think adults think it’s okay to abuse children.

Answer #22

when I was younger. a knee high toddler.. my mom went to college all the time.. and my dad was a strong alcohol user, and drug abuser.. and of course, when my mom wasn’t around, he needed someone to fulfil his needs, he used to touch me and make me do things to him, but I was a little kid. I had no idea what was happening at all. he beat me too. justto throw that out there. I’ve never really been able to be myself around anyone now. whenever I’m in a relationship with a guy I always think that I could grow up with the guy, and he’ll do it to our children.. I never really got over it. I don’t think I ever will. those years, were the horriblest years ever. but my mom soon caught on, and now I cannot see him anymore. which is something I think is really good. except for last year. I had always been afraid of doin that suff with guys. of having sex. of even being alone with a guy. but last summer, I went to my friends house. she had an older brother. I was only turning 14. he was 17. we started to make out. then he led me to their basement, where they had a bed and where we could be by ourselves. in my mind, I knew we were going to end up having sex. I wanted to say no. my mind was screaming no. that I couldn’t do it. but my body was saying a whole different thing.. and we ended up having sex. emotionally I’m not handling it well.. I don’t know why I couldn’t say no. I kept telling myself it would be easy, just a two letter word. I didn’t have to speak, I coul of just walked back upstairs and stayed there. but I didn’t. and now I’m not even dealing with it in a great way. I get flashbacks all the time. it’s like it haunts me. I can’t seem to really talk to anyone about it. and I’ve noticed that around school I’ve been getting quietter. I never even talk to the kid anymore. I can say that, being me and after those experiences, I’m afraid of having sex with someone.. and im afraid of being alone with a guy, partially because I can’t seem to say no. I really want to. but the words never come out. the worst part is, having my friends talk about how much they feel bad for people that get raped and sexually assaulted,.. it brings tears to my eyes because I am one of those people. I never really got the guts to say this to anyone. at all. but on here, nobody knows me, and I’m around other people that have lived through it as well.

Answer #23

and me. less than a year ago, just once:’(.

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