Has anyone seen anything like this?

Weird things are always happening where I live. My son and I have experienced seeing spirits, hearing things that can’t be explained, things falling, toxic paint can exploding, glass door to oven exploded, voices, visions of Indians & Civil War solders, I channeled Native American voices, & much, much more.

We’ve also found things, like implants on our bodies. Today, after being up for several hours, I happened to notice dried blood and a scrap of some kind on my arm. I have no memory of anything happening during the night, but obviously, something did happen. Here is a picture of it.

Does anyone have any ideas of what it could be? I sleep alone in a twin bed. There are no sharp corners on my bed and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t fall during the night.

Does anyone know of any symbol like this?.

Thnx for any suggestions. Carol

Answer #1

Get out the table salt, go to each door and window and take the salt and start from one side of the door to the other side of the door in a straight line…then go and do that to all doors and window…Now don’t salt the front door leave it for when they have done…Okay all the doors and windows have the line of salt in front of them in a long straight line…Now go to the front door and open up the front door and screen door and leave them open for a bit…then say in a strong commanding voice” I command you in the Name of Jesus Christ to leave this house and property for good and never return!” Say “You have died and have passed on and need to go to the light of Christ.” “I don’t want you here and I command all of your to leave!”””

wait a bit maybe until you feel they are gone maybe 5 mintues—you might hear something or someone or a smell past as it leaves the house! then close the door when you feel comfortable and salt that door too.!!!

I had a baptist minister pray in my kitchen for my ghost to leave, he was so afraid to enter my living room he stayed in the kitchen and looked really afraid…I finally got them out after he left…It sounds silly but this is what I did/!” I stood on the bible and said “I stand on the word of God You have to leave my house and property forever in the name of Jesus Christ…” It worked. The stories I could tell you about my experiences~!

Answer #2

Crazy paranoid people, If you really are getting cut up by magic spirits, I suggested sleeping in a different house as your relatives, they could be screwing you OVER!

my opinion..

Answer #3

If you’re looking for counseling on problems in your life and you’re a spiritual person, by all means see a priest.

As for explaining injuries on your arm and how they might have happened, please do not follow the advice of those who are telling you to see a priest. This is the 21st Century. See a doctor.

Answer #4

Where you live must be cool!

Answer #5

This should be taken with all seriousness possible. Violent spirits will keep getting worse. It looks like the larger mark to the right of your arm appears to be teeth marks. If the spirits, ghosts, demons, whatever, are trying to harm to, well, I’d suggest you get some serious help soon. A priest or something…

Anyway, good luck with everything, hope I helped.

But, there’s also the sleeping disorder… Well, that’s probably easier to deal with. Go to a doctor about that one, as simple as that.

Answer #6

well your being haunted!!! by ghost nah kidding well I’ve never seen nothing like that but maybe a insect bite you or something you should talk to the owner of the house and ask about some of the house history

Answer #7

No such thing as ghosts. You got demons. Demons try to look like something else, but they aren’t fooling me. All things move on after they die.

Answer #8

it sounds like you have a spirit that is attracted to your FAMILY, not your house. the cuts on your arm might symbolize that this spirit is not protective or happy with you. you might want to get a priest or something because it is one thing to follow a family but a very different thing to harm them!

Answer #9

babylove, No, I have no way of contacting the guy that did the exorcism. We moved and it was a preacher that a friend of my sons knew. We don’t even know where she is anymore.

mjax, I thought of that too. I do have sleep apnea and I sleep with a Bi-pap machine. Well, sometime during the night, and I don’t know when, I remove the mask from my face. I’ve asked my son if he has noticed me up anytime during the night but he has sleep apnea too and he sleeps very soundly. I wonder if I do get up and just don’t remember it. That is scary.

Thnx, you guys

Answer #10

It’s possible. Like I say, there have been cases where people have gone through the motions of a normal day, or done some other crazier things, all while they are in a state of sleep. Your doctor really would know about something like that. I would definately seek his or her counsel on both the causes of the injury, and the possibility that you are sleepwalking. Sleepwalking can be serious.

Answer #11

Its crazy how some people come back, and pets can too. It all depends on what you believe in really. Toonces just doesn’t want you to be upset and its his sign. No problem - anytime :)

Answer #12

Its him (Toonces) letting you know hes still there, thats what I think. As for seeing spirits, someone is following you because they feel safe with you. There are different practices that can be done to make it go away.

Answer #13

The thing is that, in every house we’ve lived in, this stuff has happened. We even had an exorcism at one because it was so bad. As far as a cat. We recently had to have our cat, Toonces, put to sleep (as many of you know). He had Leukemia.

Answer #14

wow! I think you live in haunted house so I suggest moving far away if it leads to stuff like that! because you dont want you or your sun in danger. but im not sure what that is. maybe the ghost are trying to tell you something.

Answer #15

It’s more likely that you have a sleeping disorder. You may even be sleepwalking, which many people aren’t aware they do unless someone else sees them doing it. During sleepwalking, some people have been known to inflict some pretty serious injuries and wounds on themselves. There are even causes of people driving cars and crashing them, or attempting much worse activities.

I would see your doctor and explain you got this injury during sleep, and that you may either be sleepwalking or have some kind of disorder.

Answer #16

Thats very strange - the marks on your arms. The marks on the bottom right look like teeth marks. This is really scary! I guess having spirits around is fine but when they put your life at risk (like hurting you) or your son, then there is something that should be done about this. Is there any way to contact the person who did the exorcism on your house? Ask them if they can help you.

Answer #17

no more cats and I wasn’t even supposed to have Toonces, but his owner, a neighbor was moving and was just going to leave him to fend for himself (although, the guy did bring food by a few times after he left). We had Toonces for around 8 years but were not supposed to have pets. There was a cat that lived across the street and he and Toonces were friends. They moved yesterday.

Answer #18

I’ve seen things on T.V and read things about it. Theres different spiritual things like that and they are beyond amazing to read about. If you are interested in reading about those sorts of things I highly suggest you reading some of Sylvia Brown’s books. You will learn so much about them, I hate reading but I love her books. Good luck!!

Answer #19

…it looks like a cat got you.

Answer #20

Stephanie, You would think that. You are always so positive, lol. Actually, I thought about it and thought the same thing. Seems like something he would do to get my attention. Thnx, Carol

Answer #21

Do you not have any other cats?

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