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I'm a mother of a 13 year old boy who has ADD and has a hard time concentrating, and comprehending while reading. The only book I've been able to get him interested in is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He has to take the A are test after Christmas Break. Weve been reading non stop and are halfway through. I've been overwhelming him with home made chapter tests but I'm afraid I'm concentrating on the wrong areas, I could be preparing him for the wrong details. Could anyone give me an idea on what areas to concentrate on so that I can help him prepare for the test. I'm not asking for answers. He isn't cheating and I wouldnt allow it. This is for a mother who needs to help her son focus where he needs to when he has a hard time focusing on anything.

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from my experience, I've had a lot of questions asking to state the main idea, main characters, plot, the twist in the story, the conclusion. stuff like that.

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focus on vocabulary, and what you think are important parts in the book.

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does your son take medication to help him focus?

I have ADHD and my brother has ADD I like to read and he doesnt, however when he has to my brother will read a book. when I was around 13yrs old I didnt like to read either, however, now I LOVE reading. I find that my pill helps me focus and not get so easily distracted. also when I have to read a book I set myself up in my room in a comphy spot with some food and drink tell everyone in my family to leave me alone and close my door. also I sometimes even get the book on tape, this helps my brother immensly.
hope this helped, and please ask me if you have any other questions about ADD / ADHD

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