What can happen if you don't wait the 8 weeks to donate blood again?

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Nothing. 8 weeks is more tha enough time for you to replenish all of the blood donated.

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Thr r many things that can happen, like pass out, have low blood count, thrs just to many to mention, I wud wait the 8 wks, thrs a reason they want u to wait that long

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Yes it won't cause any problem . 8 weeks is enough to reproduce the blood. But don't rush too quickly , wait at least for 4 weeks to 6 weeks . Do not donate blood before waiting for 4 weeks at minimum, if you do so it will cause problem. 8 weeks is ideal

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Where I live u can only donate blood every 8 wks

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Yes 8 weeks is better but it is possible to donate before 8 week as well. But doctor doesn't prefer to take blood from a person before 8 weeks . So it is better to wait for 8 weeks . But if it's too urgent then everybody should donate if he passed at least 1 month. Because in 1 month we can replenish enough blood

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Now that's a true statement

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As a law no person can donate blood before 56 days if he donated single platelets blood and 112 days if he or she donated platelets.

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112 days if he or she donated double only platelets* .

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By double u mean whole blood right?

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only three days between plateletpheresis donations.....

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Yes that's true if ur donateing plasma not blood

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hi! now the thing is a blood cell has a very short life span, so guess what is happening right now? millions of cells are destroyed and millions of new cells are being made this very second

blood is easy to produce, and the body can get it regulated within a day....
the 8 weeks are LAW and not something that is everywhere, in some countries you can donate after 1 week :O

also, 8 weeks might be a safe measure to allow in depth testing of the blood or something

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I am 21 years old and i haven't donated blood yet. I am really afraid of blood

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well phobia's are a b*tch....

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