What would happen if i put fish eggs from sushi into my fish tank?

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nada, their dead. tried it before. LOL

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Nope. Sushi places and brand food puts special sesoning on the food to kill it and make it edible and to also preserve it. Chances are your fish would either eat them, leave them be to rot in the tank, or possible kill them if one of your fish has some tipe of fish allergy to it. (yes they can have reactions to things such as that) Besides chances are they were refrigerated and the cold air would freeze them to death. (Specially sence there is no water) But if your looking to get fish eggs just go to a pet store and ask for a pregnaut fish. Chances are they'll have one and sell it to you.

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they would sink (x

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Your other fish would probably think that they taste like chicken.

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I dont believe that anything will happen :p

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nothing XD

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ohhhh sounds cool I wanna try it though :D

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nothing happens

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lol ik that but the fishie dont hmm I wionder what a fish would think....

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Nothing it just be floating there for a long time.

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It may make your fish water stinky after awhile.

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nothin lol

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