Can second-hand smoking mess up ur lungs?

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second hand smoking is just as harmful as smoking, so yes it could

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Yes, often times worse than first hand smoking. I have asthma due to my father smoking around me as a child and my brother sinusitus. The other two children don't have any health issues because he quit by the time they arrived. Also when I walk into a bar or place where people smoke I get sick, sometimes for a few weeks if I inhale that smoke for a period of time. So yes it can mess up your lungs. Try to avoid it.

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second hand smking can alkso be more dangerous.

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secound hand smoking

is worse than smoking a cig yourself

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I don't know if it has been approved or not, but it is said that it does more effect than regular smoke does for smokers.

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it has been proven and approved ..

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No. i am 15 and all my life i have lived with a smoker. i have perfect lungs and there is nothing wrong with me so all the crap you have been hearing about second-hand smoking is a flippin lie.. if you came to my house its just a big smoke house lol. it smells like smoke all the time. my dad every like 10 minuest lights one. our family has tried to get him to stop but he's stubborn and he goes crazy if he dosent have one. im like right next to him when he does. i dont ever cough or anything because of it. smoke doesn't bother me so everything youve learned is a lie.

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right... so because you dont think you are affected, decades of research is a lie. Why dont you tell that to the families of people who have died as a result of second-hand smoke.

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And what about me that have the problems or the fact that my father ended up in hospital 3 weeks ago due to SECOND hand smoke? Rather ignore this answer.

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i should show this to my mom n prove to her it messed me up

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