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I need some ideas for halloween decorations. I usually don't decorate for halloween but this year the kids really want to decorate the front yard. The only decoration I have right now is this skull lantern. Any cool ideas?

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Those are very creepy! I'm sure the neighborhood kids will like them.

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Halloween is slowly but surely becoming our family's favorite holiday to decorate for! The biggest project we take on each year is turning our front yard into a graveyard! Years ago we used to buy Styrofoam then cut out and paint our own headstones, now they are available in mass market and we are slowly replaces all the old one with the store bought one. (They hold up better too) Last year we added the fencing around the yard to enhance the graveyard theme. We also use spider webbing throughout the yard. This year we plan to add the appearance of a couple of caskets rising from the ground. Hope this helps. Attached a pic from last year, sorry the color is bad!

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There are lots of halloween decorations to be found. Try some costume stores for unique decorations and try local stores for cheaper alternatives. You can put mummies on the grass or tombstones. Ghost lights and pathway decorations are great options too. Spiderwebs and sound effects can give your yard a great atmosphere for halloween.

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