Will not eating help me lose this much weight?

I’m like 320-ish pounds and I’m only 17! I’m sick and fed up with being this way as I have no friends, none at all and I constantly compare myself with others either at school, on TV, or anywhere else. I need to lose weight as fast as possible. I’ve decided not to eat anymore starting tomorrow. I’ve bought slim mints and stuff to help ease hunger. I need as much help as possibe on this. I’ve done it before but I ate after 3 days, but this time I won’t give in. I’m not going to be anorexic, but I’m not going to eat until I lose enough weight where I weigh about 120 or until I think I look good. I just feel the world hates me cause I’m fat so im going to do something about it. Right? How fast could I lose that much weight by not eating and exercising everday? How much would I lose in a week? Can someone help me? I need as much support as I can.

Answer #1

ok, just go on a diet and dont think of it as a diet. maybe go on a 20 minute walk each day and when your eating think of a person u want 2 look like and say 2 urself if I eat this will I look like them. and eat things at moderation. mayb u can good and healthy foods. mayb carmeled apples or choclate covered strawberries. instead of sitting infront of the computer or tv GO OUT AND DO SOMETHING! mayb watch tv and on the breaks do jumpingjacks, situps, or pushups. u have to start somewhere. dont start 2 hard though. NEVER starve urself u are more than that. and if its still not working go to the gym or get a pyshical thyapist. but if u start starving urself it will become a life style and u will do it so much u will b anorxic. u are just a little bigger than most people and thats OK! I think u are very pretty but go out and do something. dont always rely on people on the internet tell your self what U want to do. what your goals are. push urself as hard as u can

Answer #2

I agreee with imyselfandme dont not eat just eat 4 small healthy meals a day and work out go jogging go the gym and if you need help to keep on doing it with you then get some to do it all with you cuase then you can support each other p.s. dont get to skinnier either and about the sit ups

well I was fat and I started doing sports so I lost a lot of weith but I wasnt musly and I had a bit of a tummy I found out about this kind of sit up where you find the place in a situp where you stomache hurts and where you acctuly do the work and your muscles do somthing . 95% of a situp is a waste of time, that 5% that isnt can be found and worked continusly so that the sit up is more effective. so find that 5% and just rock back and forward on it so you hardly go of it do that for 4 minuets a day to start with you might only be able to do 5 of them becuase first time round it kills . but its worther the effort now I have a flat stomache and can see my toes!lol! and when I tense my stomache my muscles are deffiend and I got what I wanted out of it so yeh if you want a flat stomache thats a good way to do it

Answer #3

Don’t starve yourself thats for sure because when you do start eating again you’ll gain more weight then you lost. If your worried enough to starve yourself then you should have the motivation to go excersice, and change your diet. You may even want to go see your doctor. your weight could be because of a thyroid condition or you could be a candidate for lap band or gastricbypass surgery.

Answer #4

well obviously your rents are aware of this, and if it makes u that unhappy, they will want to help! there is a dieting program called Slim4Life and it is very loose and free with no excersise involved. u meet with a personal counselor, set up goals, and they work with u to help u reach those goals. my dad was on it and he lost 120 lbs. in 3 months! it works wonders and its healthy for u!

Answer #5

Ok, just not eating won’t automatically make u skinnier, it will kill you. What I would do is think of some healthy foods and make a food plan. Eat a small amount of something healthy for breakfast lunch and dinner. For breakfast you can go get somthing like Special K that;’s mostly grains and such. For lunch things like half a roast beef sandwich are good. Meat is really healthy for you as long as your not buying really fatty kinds like ham and salami (roast beef is good). Dinnr should probably include some kind of vegtable. Maybe you can get yourself to like salads. I don’t know if your exsisting diet includes it but NO FAST FOOD. Don’t try to lose fat too fast, it takes time and if you lose it too fast your going to land urself in the hospital. Lastly, go jogging or something everyday. All it takes is ten minutes a day and your become a lot healthier than you think. Also, if your worried about tummy fat, sit-ups are really great if you do about 20 a day (that can be split up throughout the day) Bets of luck! I hope you achieve your goal! Remember: Not eating will not make you skinny! Excerise and good food will!

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