do u guys take pride in ur funadvice points?

cz nw i wana answer mor questns!hm

Answer #1

I still don’t know what you can do with FunAdvice points, so it’s no big deal for me right now lol

Answer #2

lol..mayb we cud trade dem for brownies!

Answer #3

Yay, brownies!!! :P

Answer #4

Not really. Haha, I don’t really mind about it. It’s just something that’s there, really. <.< There or not, I don’t think i’d care. =P

Answer #5

i dont even pay attention really, haha so no it really doesn’t mean much to me.

Answer #6

no. I am not twelve and don’t need a star for validation.

Answer #7

Personally, not right now because I don’t have many haha. But when I get more I’m bound to get competitive.

Answer #8

yeah , i mean , ther just points ! wat do they do ?

Answer #9

they should copy flybuys or sumfin that would be kewl>_>

Answer #10

funadvice points will someday be able to be traided in for real money :D

Answer #11

I’m not here to earn points…I’m here to offer advice, mainly.

Of course I could rack up the points if I start uploading thousands of photos and submitting one status update after another, but that’s not me and I don’t think that the number of points I have should actually reflect my worth on this site. The points I have gained are from users rating my answers, not from status updates and photo uploads.

When you look at it that way, is it better to have more points by spamming the site with ridiculous updates, or is it better to have less points knowing that those points are actually earned because you did something good?

In the end, I know why I’m here…I don’t need a reward for it.

Answer #12

we have’d funadvice points?????

Answer #13

Answer #14

lol i hope thats true :D

Answer #15

thumbs up!!

Answer #16

Yes I do

Answer #17

You get the most points when people like your answers. It not just about all the other stuff

Answer #18

im still not sure on the whole new points system and how it works, i liked giving people advice and had over 12,000 on the old site but it doesnt show that anymore

Answer #19

Um, utopia…at one point, we were going to make it a gold star…but, that perhaps would be too childish, no?

Is there another symbol that could be used, to reflect that something is clearly the best advice for the topic that’s not so…well, potentially age charged? I’m open to ideas :)

Answer #20

oops…was confusing “points” with the star system. But, considering how little I like the site now, stars, points…it makes no difference to me. If you had made it a “gold” star, my head would have exploded. lol

Answer #21

Not really, I’m just here to answer questions. Points feel like an incentive, and I don’t really need that haha.

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