Why do guys take pics with their shirt off on here?

Why do guys take pics with they’re shirt off on here? I mean honestly is it that hard to get a girl without having to impress them that way? Especially when they arent even buff. I think its just gay

Answer #1

they wanna impress girls

Answer #2

I don’t there’s anything wrong with a guy taking a shirtless picture. Sure they’re prob looking for compliments on how their bodies look, but owell. As a girl, I admit I think seeing the toned bodies of a guy is pretty nice. Puts a :) on ppls faces when they see a really really hot body. However, looks only go so far, I’m a personality person. I prefer personality over looks. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy looking at a guys toned body though ;)

Answer #3

it’s Matthew McConaughey syndrome! haha. Personal favor?- don’t use the term gay as an insult.

Answer #4

they think its hott… and its not because almost every guy does it and they are pretty much letting us compare all the guys abs 2 other guys.

Answer #5

Its not just guys, its girls to. If you don’t like them, don’t look at them, who cares.

Answer #6

They just probably get it off the internet and say its them to get comments from girls about their abdomen and biceps

Answer #7

To give the girls on here a little treat ;)

Answer #8

Haha I am a girl, and I don’t mind if guys do that ;)

Answer #9

They just fishing for compliments the same way as girls do whenever they take a picture down their shirt or of them arching their back as hard as they can to stick out their @ss. Yes it’s sort of pathetic but hey everyone needs something good to hear every once in awhile or in a way to feel appreciated by someone.

Answer #10

Pride or saving face. Knowing the picture is going to be judged, they are saying I don’t care about your judgment, I am just as good as a muscle man, and I know I look good no matter what you think, men don’t have to look good to look good” or “if I act silly, maybe you will think I am funny and not notice that I am not buff.” If they are actually buff, they will pose because that’s why they worked out in the first place, to look and feel good.

Answer #11

their vain! and want people to see they have nice bodies.

Answer #12

I have a girlfriend, yet I post some pictures with my shirt off… Does that make me a bad person or something? :x

Answer #13

wuts wrong with posting a pic without your shirt. im from socal half the time everyone here is without a shirt. Just kick it bro, stop hating.

Answer #14

haha I totally agree with you.

Answer #15

yea…I work hard to stay in good shape and if you dont and you just wanna show off your red hair its up to u…but I do like to hear every once and a while that I look good. its a confidence booster. why dont u? your too cool right? and yea…y do girls feel the need to take half naked pis of themselvs? to hear they look good form guys or girls…whatever there preferance.

Answer #16

And why Do girls take pictures while their boobs are hanging out so clearly???

Answer #17

Nice Question…

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