Why is my room so stuffy?

My room is so stuffy!
I keep the windows cracked alomost always,
and the air conditioner is always on
but its so stuffy in my room.
will opening the windows and letting it air out help?

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Should help a little - you might want to consider a ceiling fan...Take care !!

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also you better check for carbon monozide or any other gases because I was looking up gases today and they said a sign of gases can be a "stuffy" room or sumthing so yah just to be sure check!

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Vacum the floor, under the bed, your mattress, on top of your wardrobe and shelves- all the hidden places. Open the window for a few hours whilst clean and dust, then clear your dirty laundry out of your room. Curtains sometimes harbour dust and things which make the air stuffy.

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It depends on the type of air conditioner you have. Is it central air or a window unit? A window unit for a bedroom for instance will cool it off but if the filter or the "fins" inside are dirty then it won't work properly. Check to see if that is the problem. Your condtioner might be too small as well. A stuffy room is caused by lack of air movement or "stale" air. It feels like the air is heavy and just sitting there. Increase the air movement and the problem will be fixed. Your air conditioner might be low on Freon as well. Or it has lost its charge altogether. Do you hear the compressor come on when the unit is running? Not the fan, but the compressor?
As a last resort, call in a technician in your area or buy another unit if it's needed. Hope this helps.

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