Why don't guys like Justin beiber?

I mean why do u guys hate him so much? Lol this is just a question out of curiosity and doesnt mean that I like him but really, I just wonder sometimes?

Answer #1

tbh i dont like the hype thats built around him, a huge fanbase for someone who doesnt even create his own lyrics or song is quite appalling, but boybands aren’t any better, neither are the other bunch of commercial dim wits…

Answer #2

Lol… Yes I dislike how some girls are obsessed with him! I mean he is just a common guy for god’s sake>.<

Answer #3

I think not just guys hate him,many girls who not like him,… He looks like a girl with that gay hairstyle,he acts like a girl ,…Hes ruining many young girls with his music…no creativity in his music or videos..

Answer #4

I am justin Bierber’s brother :D

Answer #5

Um I’m sorry but how can u know if a hairstyle is gay or not? And how is he ruining young girls?

Answer #6

Lol xD

Answer #7

maybe because Justin is still young and his appearance is not that tough as a boy.

Answer #8

Tbh, I’m fine with him. I don’t like him at all, but he hasn’t done anything for me to hate him. I don’t like how girls go all crazy for him. But I dont like how others put him down either. I mean he had a hard life. I’ve often heard people say “he sucks”, and that’s something I hate. I mean how about u go and sing and have loads of haters. If u hate him just leave him alone. Listen to other musicians, I mean noones forcing u to Listen to JB. But whatever. I couldn’t care less about him. He can go on with his life, we’ll go on with ours.

Answer #9

I saw him on youtub..he has the most viewed video, they want their favorite artist to be the most viewed, little do the idiots know, them going on his page disliking him is exactly what is giving him views…so,I’m not a hater or a fan.:-)

Answer #10

O.O idiots?!?

Answer #11

sorry ,I’m angry today and used this word..mg,how I delete it

Answer #12

That’s ok.. But how can u say he has a gay hairstyle? I still don’t understand..

Answer #13

Sorry but I think that style looks bad on Bieber, or at least the way they do his hair… it doesn’t fit his face). It looks quite ugly on him ..

Answer #14

TBH I’m a guy and well we like him but were just jelous :P

Answer #15

Oh haha I see.. I always wondered if guys were jealous of jb:P

Answer #16

Which hairstyle are u talkin about? His new one or old one?

Answer #17

I wonder that sometimes, too. I don’t personally like his music or anything, but he’s doing his thing and I respect him for that haha. While people are over there criticizing his every move and calling him gay behind a computer screen, he’s making millions. It might be the way he carries himself (he can come off a bit cocky), or perhaps it’s because they hate his music with a passion (which seems kind of ridiculous to me)… I don’t know lol.

Answer #18

because they are jealous of him, most girls like him and he can’t even sing O.o

Answer #19


Answer #20

hehehe :P

Answer #21

Their all Jealous! :P lol

Answer #22

I think he’s a wanna-be. He tries too hard to be cool

Answer #23

He’s got to many feminine characteristics

Answer #24

I think it’s all just jealousy. He might be annoying to guys as well and I can see that. I’m not really a big fan of him and I’m a girl, but I respect him and his accomplishments. He seems like a great person. Have you seen him on the Ellen show? :D

Answer #25

Yeah thats true and nope, i havent.

Answer #26

I liked Justin beiber before ery body changed him to a douche bag and before the fame went to his head tbh I would love to be jb and if I was I would change ery thing esspiecialy his v

Answer #27

I liked Justin beiber before ery body changed him to a douche bag and before the fame went to his head tbh I would love to be jb and if I was I would change ery thing esspiecialy his voice

Answer #28

I like justin bieber

Answer #29

Likely because he has feminine characteristics

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