Do you guys believe the government is getting to involved in our freedom?

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Definitely. Freedom simply doesn't have the same ring to it as it used to.

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kinda. like since the 1940's

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When you think about it, the purpose of all government anywhere is to be involved in, and restrict, personal freedom. Some of these we consent to for the good of society, others we see as intrusive.

If you're talking about the US government, it's important to realise there has never been a time when the government wasn't seen as being too involved in people's personal freedom. Americans, historically, have been both fond of lots of personal freedom and suspicious of government efforts to curb it. I think one can find periods of American history when the government was much more involved. I will say that technology has allowed governments everywhere to be much more aware of what people are doing, and to regulate public behaviour in ways previously unimaginable. But, much of the same technology that increases the government's power also increases the power of ordinary citizens. In other words, technology has made it easier to know what the government is doing as well as let others know what the government is doing, and get involved with it. Privacy and freedom aren't what they used to be for the state, either.

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Yeah. But I mean You have to admit that sometimes our stupid disitions don't take us anywhere. In a part it's bad but then again I do agree they sre getting personal.

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Yea, I would say the 90's were the best years.

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Sure, to me anything between consenting adults should be no business of the government. There should be no laws against recreational substances, prostitution, polygamy, or euthanasia.

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Definitely. The longer it goes on the worse it gets. And if Obama has it his way it will get to be all government. The health care crap is just a start, he has talked about how he would like to see "redistribution of wealth" in America. That would basically mean you pay ALL of your money to taxes and they give you back how much they think you need to live. That way people working 80 hours a week get to pay for those sitting at home. And now owning controlling stocks in car company's. There is nothing free about our freedom anymore. Little by little the democrats are trying to slip socialism on us with out us noticing.

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i would say that too...but u said it first

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What freedom? Our news is censured. Our internet communications are being monitored (in the name of national security). Our schools teach propaganda and lies. Freedom in America is long gone.

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I don't think freedom is long gone, just minimizing every time..

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