Do you guys think 2 liters of water within 30 minutes is too much for a 95 pound girl?


Answer #1

Not really just make sure u pee

Answer #2

Good. o-o I dont want to drink too much lol

Answer #3

Take a few breaks and make sure you use the bathroom but it should be fine.

Answer #4

I think drinking two liters of water in thirty minutes is too much!

Answer #5

Okay thanks :]

Answer #6

I agree. Why do you want to drink that much?

Answer #7

It might be a lot but what I mean by too much is dangerous. lol I know that 3 liters is dangerous, I didn’t even mean to drink 2 but I did XD then I realized >,> I want to drink this much so I am not hungry and also to clean out my body and help my skin.

Answer #8

That’s too much! And are you in a good health? Please consider visiting your Dr. I just can’t imagine taking 2 ltrs of water in thirty minutes. It really isn’t normal

Answer #9

Drinking to much water you will bloat your cells or blood cells something.

and isn’t 95 ibs under weight? and dangerous?

Being underweight can be a symptom of malnutrition. But if you’re not having any nutrition-related symptoms or chronic digestive issues, I’d guess that your current weight is what’s natural for you right now as a teenager. If you are feeling hungry after eating though, I WOULD suggest eating more food, since your thinness plus hunger may be a sign that your body needs more calories to keep up with growth.

Answer #10

Its not underweight for my body type and age.

Answer #11

Im still alive o-o I just drank that much while I was eating.

Answer #13

I had half a cup of cooked frozen corn and half a cup of coleslaw and a cupcake soo. lol

Answer #14

Ok your “diet plan” is ridiculous. Do you know what happens when you deplete your electrolytes by drinking too much water too quickly? It overworks your kidneys, and causes water to move into your cells, to the point where they burst, which is particularly dangerous when we are talking about brain cells.

Answer #15

I know, that’s the point. I won’t be able to eat much cause I can only drink so much without it being dangerous. >.> I usually stick to just 1 liter but I think I was just extra thirsty this morning cause it was so hot outside. then after I realized how much I drank I had a cup cake. lol

Answer #16

well your body is only supposed to hold about 2 liters at a time in your stomac. try spanding a liter out every couple of hours to give your body some time to get rid of the water, i dont suggest drinking more than 3-4 liters a day but based on your weight try and keep it at two. i drink about 4 but thats because im a big guy :D

Answer #17

I don’t usually drink this much so fast, that’s why I asked the question ‘cause I was worried. o-o

Answer #18

Thanks Tyler :)

Answer #19

you should be fine, just try and not do any heavy lifting or bending just as a precaution. im glad your conserned about yourself, most people just do whatever and dont care :D

Answer #20

no problem lily :PP

Answer #21

Im hungry constantly. I use to be 112 lbs and just couldn’t stop gaining cause I was hungry all the time and would eat. then I got down to 106 after I got sick and stayed there for a while but then started going up again ‘cause I would just eat too much. I am not going to continue on that path. My body doesn’t need so much food.

Answer #22

thats about normal for a 15 year old woman, how much you weigh always gets blown out of porportion, looks and weight are very different, from all the delicious things lily posts of on here i think shes far from malnurished, but as i said looks and wight are very differnet, i look like i weigh maybe 215 but because of muscle weighing more than fat i weigh 305 granted i can run two miles without stopping, and i stand next to a guy that weighs 305 water weight he looks like a ballon compared to me. who is morbidally obease, you tell me :D so based off how you look will tell you something about yourself :PP

Answer #23

what are your excercize habits, it could be that you just eat vegtables and fruits and whole grains, but less proteins even if you dont exercize that often proteins are a great thing to have but just remember too many will make you over weight.

Answer #24

sorry for the typos i havent been getting much sleep.

Answer #25

i exercise allot and eat fruits and veggies :D

Answer #26

wish i did the same haha i love cooking though. i think my mom is lucky she never has to cook even on the holidays

Answer #27

@Tyler S go get some sleep :D your body needs sleep :D

Answer #28

@nap ik but every time i go to close my eyes i just sit there, ive kinda been under some stress and its never seems to leave my mind. :D thank you though for your consern

Answer #29

I typically have taekwondo class for an hour twice a week and I do at least 30 squats a day and I run up and down my stairs at least 10 times in the morning. lol its exhausting XD but wakes me up. :P

Answer #30

Nap seriously. v.v I don’t even look under weight –> I am not unhealthy. ;o!

Answer #31

According to this more detailed BMI calculator I am in normal range.

Answer #32

I’m fine, don’t worry. ;o

Answer #33

But I don’t want to die to water. o-o lol

Answer #34
  • just make sure u pee* … like she would be able to prevent it.
Answer #35

I think that’s a little much.

Answer #36

lol yeah really XD

Answer #37

the only possible way to die of too much water is 52 cups of it, just looked it up haha

Answer #38

your perfectly healthy, dont worry at all lily, and youll be fine with that much water just dont do anything tedious just to make sure, but why am i posting that part lol its probably all out of your system :D

Answer #39

It is a lot to drink! A lot! Just make sure you don’t drink that much and then not drink anything. It’s really bad to do that! Try to lay off the salty foods if you can.

Answer #40

I donno. I’m kind of small so it probably takes less lol and alsoo its gotta depend on how fast you drink it. o-o

Answer #41

haha dont worry about it :D its out of your system now :PP

Answer #42

I lived though! :P

Answer #43

I weigh way more than you..and I think drinking that much water in thirty- min would make me feel bloated! lol I don’t think your body needs that much water

Answer #44

I on’t think it needs this much water either xD I was very full yes. lol

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