What do you all think of South Africa?

Answer #1

Um in what way?

Answer #2

At least when apartheid was still in place genocide wasnt taking place

Answer #3

I think that it’s south…of Africa…

Answer #4

It’s just like America, Russia, Asia, and all of the other countries…..it’s just another part of Africa.

Answer #5

Not exactly a place I would personally want to visit, with the crime rates and all. Although, I’ve heard it’s beautiful.

Answer #6

My year 11 geography teacher was from there and she is GORGEOUS.

Answer #7

Thinks about South Africa That is were my ex-boyfriend is from. He did me dirty.

Answer #8

It’s…South Africa. I’ve never gone there. It has awesome animals though.

Answer #9

my neighbor was from South Africa, i lived next too him for a few years he was like 30ish but i was like 18 at the time, We still keep in contact he is super awesome, he was into comics and gaming, He is from Cape Town i think, He moved home when he had his daughter and he wanted too be with his kid, at one point last year he said it was really bad like if he went out shoot on sight really bad, really scary down there, I know the transfer right is really high he was trying too get my brother too go out there on vacation. So yeah not sure this help but i think South Africans are fine.

Answer #10

Never been so not much. My best friend is from Cape Town so I only know what she has told me.

Answer #11


Answer #12

Well SA has alot of Crime yes.But it is a very nice place.Im from there there is alot of black there but most are nice others dont like white people cause of Aparthaid and what the white people did to them.I really hope that the white and black people could get along but it looks like that will never happen cause of president Jacob Zuma.But most black people are getting fedup with his crap.O and most of the sits to see in SA are Awesome

Answer #13

The tabel changed now it is the other way around


Answer #14

O really is she a black or a white

Answer #15


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