Has anyone been to South Africa?

Any body? If you did , did you like it? And did you go to cape town? Do you know the table mountain?

Answer #1

Well I was born there like Its the most beautifal country in the world.But because of apartheid there is a lot of hatred in the country between races. Its a dangerous place Fact TWENTY ONE THOUSAND (21 000) PEOPLE MURDERED IN SOUTH AFRICA DURING 2005

To give you an idea of the extent

3,800 people were killed on Sept 11, 2001 in America and the world ‘is at war’!

SO if you decide to visit just be careful but you will enjoy the visit poverty might shock you though!

Reppin SA!

Answer #2

I went there! and I was SHOKED from what I saw too!!! it was REALLY cold when I went there! (I thought I’m going to mult from the sun!! it’s nicer than London!! (I thought it’s a desert or something) I LOVED IT!!! I thought I’m going to find poor people everywhere and I thought we’re going to be staying in a cheep old hotel that is made outta wood!! I went there for 2 weeks too!! and I actually made friends there!! and some of my friends there are muslims! so they might come here to saudi arabia (I will meet them soon) I’d love to LIVE there!!! (I might cunvence mom to let me study college there!!) everyone’s just fine with everyone!!! I named it: the country of peaceful people!! :)

Answer #3

Hii!!! I’ve been to South Africa and I’d go a million times more!!! I LOVED it, but LOVED it, it’s amazing. I thought it was really underdeveloped and poor, and trust me I had a HUGE surprise and a HUGE awakening. You even feel sometimes like you’re in California, it’s sooo beautiful!!!I loved it!!! I did go to table mountain on my fist day there, and it’s a lil’bit cold on top, cause there’s a lot of wind, but it’s beautiful!! God I wish I could go back again!!Haha!!!Really!! I went 2 weeks in winter, and I went everywhere, If you need to know more email me or ask me really, it was amazing. If you’re going, I envy you!!! You’re going to looove it!!! I did go to Cape Town of course, you can even see table mountain from the airport!! Hahah you’ll loove it!!

Answer #4

Ya I am! Even cape town?

Answer #5

Yah but your a tourist rite

Answer #6

I went there with my mother’s family (the whole family), and nothing happened to any of us!!

Answer #7


I havent but my friend did the Peace Corps in Lesotho!

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