take the right to carry a gun out of the constitution?

Do americans think it would be better to take the right to carry a gun out of the constitution

Answer #1

there arent any wars in america though yes I do believe only cops and the army should have guns in fact not even the cops or the army they should be totally abolished you can defend your self in many ways only cowards use guns they are for the weak and scared

Answer #2

surley ownig a gun is a major step to anti socialism of the worst kind murder im not sure what you mean by our country destroys our country

Answer #3

I thing the fact you define freedom by the right to carry a gun is pathetic what do ypu mean more of your freedom you live in one of the freeist countrys in the world freedom is the right to walk the streets without fear for your life not to carry a gun a lot of americans seem to be disalusioned as to what defines freedom IT IS NOT THE RIGHT TO CARRY A GUN

Answer #4

personaly I think the constitution was wrote to serve a differant period in time which is not viable today it would be much harder for youths to get guns and go on random shooting sprees in schools

Answer #5

No we should not take guns away its in the damn constitution for a reason!!!

Even if they were to “take them away” from law abiding citizens people in gangs and people as such would still get them.

Answer #6

totally disagree if guns were illegal the majority of people who own guns wouldnt and do you realy think its a good thing our countrys own nuclear weapons its a disgrace to humanity if no one had weapons of these kinds then there would be no reason to defend yourself from such weapons also thanks for the debate dont get much of that here

Answer #7

Right but the thing people arent getting is people who shouldnt have guns will still have them meaning you still may need to defend yourself from someone say invading your house with a gun another reason is American citizens having guns is one of the biggest reasons other countries do not invade very offten because we can defend ourselves.

Answer #8

Right while owning a gun does not as a whole describe freedom but it is involved with our freedom and the bigger issue is the having the freedom to defend yourself

Answer #9

someones already made that argument. the reason why other countries dont invade america is because the sheer size of your military and also the wealth not many countries have the funds to wage war against america it has nothing to do with citezans having guns

Answer #10

“American citizens having guns is one of the biggest reasons other countries do not invade very offten because we can defend ourselves.”

You must be kidding. Do you actually think that?

Answer #11

haha sorry but there are wars everywhere and I don’t believe they are going to just stop, there is places for guns in this society…So do you believe that only Cops should have guns and the Army/marines? I disagree I think we should be able to defend our self’s when it calls for defending.

Answer #12

That’s just taking more of our freedom away believe it or not…That would be retarded if the only way to get guns would to be joining the marines…to me that is saying “Goodbye Freedom”.

Answer #13

America abuses their right to “carry arms” it was intended for Americans during the revolution, and now people are in an uproar if somebody tries to take away this right. Believe it or not other countries do not have this right and they function very well, even better than the States.

Answer #14

it would be easier to defend yourself if it wasnt against a gun why do you need a gun to defend yourself theres other ways

Answer #15

I hear what your saying but surley owning a gun isnt what defines freedom being able to walk the in street without fear for your life is I disagree that it would destroy your country rather than save it

Answer #16

I think it should. the japanese aren’t allowed to have them and they really don’t get a hold of them either.. that’s why there is WAY less crime there than it is here.

Answer #17

Right it may have been written long ago but its what our sountry was based on and taking the basis of our country destroys our country and enabeling the citizens by takeing there means of protection is the first step to socialism.

Answer #18

alls I gotta say is if they want my guns they’ll have to take my bullets first!!!

Answer #19

Alls I got to say is if they want my guns they’ll have to take my bullets first!!!

Answer #20

I think trying to educate youths about guns would back fire and just glamarise them as for gangs and crime every city in the world has those sorts of problems and deals with it efficently enough without guns and also if guns were not freely availible then it would not only decrease accidents but eradicate them sure it would take a long time to totally eradicate guns by law but you have to start somewere

Answer #21

it was put in the constitution in the late 1700s whem america was at war for freedom of british rule im not sure but I think that war is over there is no place for guns in todays society if you want to carry a gun to protect your country join the marines

Answer #22

No I don’t think that carrying Guns should be taken out, I believe it was put in the constitution for a good reason.. Don’t just pay attention to all the bad things about guns look up the good things too…There will always be Bad with the Good You can’t change that.

Answer #23

Well I suppose we must have to agree to disagree. And I’d like to point out nuclear weapons are not guns nor am I defending them. And no problem.haha. thanks to you to.

Answer #24

What I meant is taking the basis of freedoms from our country will inturn destroy our country

and most of the time not im not saying all but most of the time people are killed by guns it is because they have them illegaly

Answer #25

im not american, but I beleive everyday people should have never been given the right in the first place they could try taking them away but it would be stupid and pointless now because so many people hae them, a lot of people will lie and keep theres, and so many americans live in fear because almost everyone they know has a gun now

Answer #26

well said

Answer #27


Answer #28

he was talking about the economey when he said that I also just found out that the latin for the right to bear arms means to equip for war in a military sense and was also brought into usde firstly by king henry 2 to let his knights be ready for war check it uot on wikkipedia there is a lot of uncertancy about the context of the phrase the right to bear arms

Answer #29

maybe you need to look up history the comunists still had them any way its not quite the same thing america isnt at war with the world nor are they trying to acheive what hitler was if guns get took from americans im pritty sure barrack obama isnt going to start gasing jews and the disabled and then try and take over europe your point is invalid

Answer #30

yes but people dont know how to handle guns that has been proven numerace times

Answer #31

Very interesting, I will get back to you when I get a chance just a bit busy at the moment.

Answer #32

No, and for clarification, the Constitution says “arms”, not “guns”. Constitutionally, I have a right to own an Apache helicopter if I can find someone to sell it to me.

Answer #33

No…might as well let the majority of people, the decent law abiders have guns…since it’s a small minority who do the abusing.


Answer #34

I agree with you nobody44.

If you look at the state’s where it is okay to carry guns around you will notice there isn’t as much violence (If you know how to handle a gun that is)…Because people are able to defend them self so criminals are less likely to try and do something.

Answer #35

Then Maybe people need to learn. Look up the history of what Hitler done, he took the guns away from the people and loved it…I wonder why that is.

Answer #36

How do you know that? Why did Obama say things will get worse before getting bettet?…Anyways if we weren’t able to buy/own guns who would be the ones that would have them? The cops and criminals? If there were more people today that had guns we would of avoided a lot of deaths.

Answer #37

im sorry how do I kmow what are you trying to spin me some sort of conspiricy theory about obama and if more people had guns this wouldent avoid death what gives you that idea countrys were guns are illegal have much lower death rates than america

Answer #38

No I am not telling you a conspiricy thery Obama did in fact say things are going to get worse before better. You missuderstand what I am saying is that I think it would be better for our country to have more guns and for people to understand how to us them. If you are aginst guns then stay against them I know I’m not going to change your mind.

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