Guitar tuning to voice?

Okay I was wondering,can you tune your guitar to perfectly complement your voice?How do you do that?

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Hi Simmo,

Hey I really don't think changing your voice is a good idea.If you force yourself to sing out of your usual vocal range you might get brooming disease and also your voice becomes biased.You have a God given voice that is unique only to you.If you keep forcing yourself to sing out of your comfortable zone in the long run your voice is gonna change and it's not a good thing.Why don't your band change it to adjust to you...they're there to help complement your voice.

HI Hellfire,

Yeah I'm probably gonna get this so called wondering what on earth it is for ages but yeah I'm a quick learner just ask the guy at the guitar shop to tell me how to use it.I do a really good job tuning my guitar just have problems tuning it 100% perfect to my voice.And how I ALWAYS have to tune it down tune it up like have to change the whole strings one by one.then it still don't suit me haaa!Oh and ever since I watched this horror movie of a piano string which could very well be a guitar too... snapping and cutting into someones eye I've been extremely well...afraid of tuning the guitar too hard...I keep seeing it snap and cut my eyes.I really dont wanna know if it's possible...but when I was 12 it snapped one time and cut my thighs thats for sure...but yeah won't be too much of a cry baby about it!(:-)thanx 4 the answers.

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That's no problem.
I've played in several bands where we've tuned our guitars and bass down to suite the singer.
First off, tune your gurar the way it should be, then try to play/sing, and find out if you need to tune it up or down. If the case is you need to tune it UP, you can just buy a little thing called a "capo", wich is a thing to pot over your strings, maging the guirat sound like it's in a higher pitch. But it's also possible to tune the whole guitar down, OR you could go for a 7 string guitar.
Just be creative. Tuning the guitar down is the most common thing to do, but don't take it too much down, because then it'll just sound "sloppy".

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Use a guitar tuner, more accurate! You can just pick one up or you can find one in Logic Pro built in! No need to buy one!

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The best way is tune your guitar to standard tuning, so you know that's right. Then just sing in tune to whatever notes/chords you play! You shouldn't muck with the instruments tuning, it's your voice that needs the adjusting :) Practice! I'm doing a lot of vocal training myself at the moment, I can't change my guitar because then it wouldn't match the rest of the band or any other songs, so I can only work on changing my voice.

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