How do I deal with everyone in my grade talking about me?

I got really drunk at a party and made a complete fool of myself. i hooked up with 6 people, mostly girls. And i did sumthn with a guy i really regret. I feel horrible and embarssed. I mixed alot and lost control. like a drank alot. I woke up with my legs covered in bruises and a sore bump on my head. I feel so shamful and embaressed. I cant stop crying. and im so close with my mom which makes this so much worse. so please dont judge me i have been judged enough already. everyone in my grade is slowly finding out and its spreading like crazy. iv never done this before and i promise this was never my intention and iv never dun any of this before. everyone is judgeing me. wat do i do? please help me. my worst fear soince i was little was being talked about behind my back, and now everyone is. wat can i do?

Answer #1

They’re going to judge you; it’s an ugly part of human nature. I’m sorry to say, but the only thing you CAN do is build an internal wall, so to speak, and not let their words get to you. In the future, just try to think about the consequences before doing anything stupid. Time to face the music :)

Answer #2

how long do u think this is guna last for though?

Answer #3

As long as you don’t feed into it, you should be fine. Keep your head up cuz most people just want a reaction from you. Don’t let them get you down, talk it out with a close friend, that should help. Of you do go to another party, don’t drink too much and control yourself so people know you’re not always like that. :)

Answer #4

My philosophy. Stuff happens, and there is nothing you can do about it now. So just move on, people can think what they want so just ignore them. Your real friends will stand by you and support you. Like I said before just move on, and learn from your mistakes. Good luck and I hope your situation blows over quickly. It will become forgotten in time so know there is an end.

Answer #5

thanks. i just need to kno that this is guna blow over. how long do u think it will take?

Answer #6

The good news about high school is that something will happen in a couple days that will be the new talk and your story will be old forgotten news. For now though, I know that it’s terrible having people talk about you. The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep your head up. You know what you did was wrong, you regret it, you learn from it, and you move on. It’s okay to make mistakes, and learn from them. Try not to let it bother you that people are talking about you. Just learn from your mistake, try not to repeat it, and grow from it.

Answer #7

. Think about this for a moment whenever it bugs you: . “ There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. “ ~ Oscar Wilde. .

Answer #8

The sad things about us human, it’s a thing in are brain that makes us judge one another, I have been in you situation for sure, I didn’t get druck and go crazy, I well got pregnant, and being pregnant will at school, people talked and judged. I just learned to ingnore them, because I know who I really am. I just made a mistake. and I believe my mistake was a llittle bigger than yours. Just keep you head held high and remember who you are, and the upside on high school something else will happen and you story will be old news, promise.

Answer #9

no idea, but it will go faster if you accept it and make it seem like it doesn’t bother your when people talk about it in front of you.

Answer #10

Sht happens, people are going to be talking whether you did something wrong or not, so you just need to get over that. They just want something to blab about because they have nothing better to do and plus it’s not like they’re all perfect! I bet they are the true fck ups with no standards and mess around more than you do, so DO NOT blame yourself for an unintentional mistake. I mean, sure you shouldn’t have drank that much but still, sh*t happens and life goes on

Answer #11

Girl, your’e not the first! Laugh it off and your true friends will look back with humor with you. The false friends will belittle you and bring it up against you in arguments forthcoming.

Answer #12

Be prepared for them… We all learn lessons, but the lesser of us can’t see that. They focus on what you’ve done, blindly instead of what you’ve learned!

Answer #13

Remember you are you and you do what you do. Some may say what you’ve done is “naughty” or “sinful” but if you’re smart enough you’ll see past all those voices and know that you learned from your mistakes. Rise above those who would use your mistakes against you, for those mistakes are really the seeds of experience and wisdom waiting for the moisture of understanding…

Answer #14

Well… see the good sides: Once your reputation is ruined, you can live totally uninhibited.

Let people talk, and just don’t listen. Most people just don’t have better things to do. They envy you, because their monotonous life agonizes them. And the day gets more interesting for them, when they tell fairy-tales about other folks. And they probably don’t even realize how awkward that is. Just let them talk and ignore them. As long as they have something to talk, they have a pastime.

And you can definitely afford some hypocrisy: Smile and say nothing. That will bother them most.

Answer #15

to party like a champ you have to be a champ

things happen people talk remember this when you get down

life is but a dream in the end you wake up dead

everything works out fine in the end cause nothing really matters

no human is worse better or even equal too you there just another human the lowest creature on the planet

god is laughing at you if you take it all with a light heart he might just let you into heaven.

Answer #16

Longer if they notice that it bothers you. Shorter if they think you do not even mind their rabble. ;)

Answer #17

Always look up toward God and inward to love your soul. No one can touch that.

Answer #18

Move shrewdly. Ignore those you want to and follow those you want to without letting others to judge what you are doing.

Answer #19

ignore it

Answer #20

that is a lot to go through bt the best thing to do is relax and tell ur friends before they find out by someone else. if the are good friends then they have ur back at all times. it wont go away bt it will make things easier and b sure to stand up for urself if someone says something rude

Answer #21

as tough as it is, i would not be defensive about it, cause that just makes people want to talk about you more. If you ignore them, they will eventually get bored and no longer talk about you, and most likely someone else will be the center of attention.

Answer #22

That’s what that sh*t does to you. It turns you into the other side of you that you will never want people to see . And i learn this growing up in high school that no matter what people are always going to talk about you. weither your doing good or bad. Best thing to do it deal with it thats the only was your gonna get over it .

Answer #23

I have litteraly done the same thing as you before, but thankfully the people wernt from my school so I was lucky, but still, just ignore them and try and fade away into the background or embrace it and create a character for yourself and become the school rebel thats how I used to deal with being treated badly, I made a name for myself and earnt respect

Answer #24

lets face facts… there is ALWAYS gunna be people out there that are gunna talk bout you but you should just ignore them. if you hear what they say, then do the opposite and prove them wrong that way they cant say anymore can they? xx

Answer #25

the best thing in life is the feeling of regret over what we have done wrong. so pls try to forget all the miss happenings and dont care what people says. have a confidence over your personality and live like a tiger

Answer #26

just say this it may be bugs on the rest of you mugs bt there aint no bugs on me ha!

Answer #27

After a while, you get used to it. It just shows that they spend all their precious time focusing on other people’s problems instead of their own. It also shows that they have no life and probably won’t have productive jobs someday. Just ignore them. Once you get older, you’ll realize all of your qualities and realize all of their cons.

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