What does governance, corruption and conflict mean to you?

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You mean those all have different meanings? Seriously?

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Yeah they do, but they can all be related pretty easily.

Should the government run and control health care?

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Lol. I know I was joking.

Does the government need to reform the prison industry?
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Oh alright haha.

Does anyone else think our government is corrupt?

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Well I know, but this is a writing promt and I am stumped on ideas and so I am looking for either a government scandle and how it can be related to this promt... please and thank you.....

Specific examples of government corruption
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Is this like an essay question and does it relate to something, because otherwise it's a little hard to answer? But ok, governance is the act of ruling, consisting of management, setting policies and rules/laws, and making sure consequences are set when laws are broken. Corruption is when those governing break the law for some form of compensation. Conflict is when people have different needs or wants.

Who feels the government is doing enough to stop the oil spill?

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Thank you

What would you define as "corruption in Government"?

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