What do u think of gothic punk style?

Wuld u try it? I’m jus wondering(: Xoxo -mar

Answer #1

personally i dont understand why people dress like that, they look so much nicer in jeans, dresses things like that. But you should go with what ever makes you feel comfortable :)

Answer #2

No I’m not gothic or punk or anything. I was jw. I like some of the punk stuff tho(:

Xoxo -mar… btw thx 4 answering so nicely. Wish more ppl were like u:)

Answer #3

Agreed wtih x0x0princess. Why people would want to dress so dark with pale make-up, piercing etc is beyond me. They want to be individuals and prefer society to leave them alone but their dressing styles screams out “look at me”. A bit hard to blend into the crowd when they stand out like a sore thumb at social events.

Answer #4

Well I understand what they’re doing and I see nothing rong. Something I wuldnt do tho. But thanks 4 aswering. Have a good day:)

Answer #5

Some people dont care about blending in to a crowd. All people like differant things. Thats what makes us who we are. People shouldnt be judged on outside apperance. It is whats inside that counts.

Answer #6

Whats the point in “blending” in with the crowd? I wouldnt consider myself gothic/punk, i am however pale, wear punkish makeup, have black hair with blonde underneath, and i have piercings and visable tattoos? Why do i look this way - because this is how i feel like me and how i express myself. Please dont tell me im going through a phase, im a 24 year old woman, this is who i am. I could just as quickly turn this around on you and ask why you like to be tan and wear name brand clothing - if you like to fit in thats your thing. Some people choose to show their creativity with their style and bodies…i prefer those people.

Answer #7

Geez get over it.

Answer #8

You are welcome. It’s great that you post a question asking people for feedback, whether the response is positive or negative. You have a wonderful day, and pleasure to meet you. :-)

Answer #9

Samantha - excuse me, get over what? I in no way was speaking directly to you and said nothing that needed a b!tchy response, thank you ma’am.

Answer #10

Yeah I loveee punkish makeup and my hairs brownish red with black underneath(: I love that look. U sound really pretty btw.

Answer #11

Yeah ima pretty open person(: byebye

Answer #12

Ok, I am seriously going to ignore reading your answers and comments on here as of today. I don’t want a fight or anything. The person did post a questions asking for feedback, that is, what people think of the subject, whether it was positive or negative but obviously you took offend to my answers which must have hit a cord, so what if you dress gothic, it’s your taste and everyone is allow their opinions on what they like and dislike regardless. .OK. I really am tired of this. Got back onto FA and have to get into punching match again…..I promised someone on here I will not read answers or comments from people that get upset over stuff….white flag out* and I will stay out of your way. ARHHHHHH

Answer #13

Yeah i HATE wen ppl judge. Oh and jw is that u in ur profile pic? Bcuz I so want highlights that color:P the color looks nice on u btw wen if that’s ur pic(:

Answer #14

yeah that is 100% me in the picture. I go to a salon to get my hair done. Me trying to do it myself would be a big mess.

Answer #15

Yeah I wanna die my hair back 2 black and get it done. But do they do colors like that at every salon or no?

Answer #16

only some salons do rainbow colors. Just call around and find out who does it and a rough price. I pay around 180 with a cut, color, style, and tip.

Answer #17

I guess it’s not for me personally. It’s super dark as in most of the colors right? But on the other hand the style that’s pretty similar, “emo”, is close, but a bit different. If I had to choose to be one for a month, then I’d choose emo. :) I guess what decides it for me is the fashion style of it. When I think of emo hair, i think of the razored layors that have bangs and kindof fall in ur face. I like the hairstyle better :) But when I think of a goth hairstyle, I think of either two things: pigtails, or long, one-lengthed, straight hair parted in the middle. You know, like in the 70s? But that’s obviously not the only way’s someone who was goth might wear their hair. Also the style I feel is a bit more cyber, where as emo is a bit more punk. When I think of emo shoes, i think converse(my favorite shoe brand :) and when i think of goth shoes, i think black platforms. But it doesn’t have to be like that, that’s just what i associate it with in my mind :)) What do you think about it? Would you try it, 799forever?

Answer #18

Sam, that seemed unnecessary… Like really unnecessary… She didn’t seem offended at all until you said something to her. Seemed like a solid opinion to me.

Answer #19

Well I lovee punk makeup like alotta eyeliner and crazy colored hair. But wearing all black I prolly wuldnt do. So i’d kinda try it but not full out:)

Answer #20

its just a style.. if u like it then dont worry bout what other ppl think … its u … be urself

Answer #21

Corecction, there is now an even more ridiculas trend called Scene there the ones shouting out for attention, as for the goth style, it is mostly because those people (including me) see the dark side to things. We see the world for what it most of the time is, a sad, hopeless, and ignorent land, where people are judgemental and pathetic to even think about others. I dress in black to show how much i hate to be a part of a huge lie. i refuse to become a victim of the worlds new trends. I do it for the lost people, the ones who are truly sad and confused with themselves. Basically, i won’t change, until the world does, and so far, it has yet to show it. Homeless, Violence, And put downs. This world should be an equal one, but it will never achieve such a goal. I dont mean to affend anyone or call them bad, but thats just how i feel.

Answer #22

yay! rainbows XD but i like your first comment

Answer #23

yay! rainbows XD but i like your first comment

Answer #24

yay! mandyloo your awesome!!

Answer #25

told your azz >_>

Answer #26

i think it has nothing to do what other people think. people like to look edgy cuz thats wat they wanna look like. some people like to look preppy, athletic, girly, gothic, skater, scene, and more. theres nuthn wrong with it. people are a certain way. judjing someone cuz they dress a certain way is like judjing sum1 cuz they believe in a certain religion. let people dress the way they wanna dress. its not hurting u.

but thats just my opinon :)

Answer #27

^^ Drew Flinn. That Was A Beautiful Speach [‘: - I Don’t Like Stereotyping &&.. I Think Everybody Has A Right To Be Who They Want To Be. Weather That Be Scene (I Think They Have Amazing Hair) - Goth, Chav,Or Whatever. But You Saying That Made Me Understand More Deeply In What You Believe In - I Think It’s A Very Good Reason To Be Like That [: &&.. Now If That’s The Way Of Most “Goths” Then I Will Understand &&.. Now I Have A Better Explination For When I’m Sticking Up For Them When Chavs Pick On Them So Thank You [: <3

Answer #28

if thats how you want to dress go for it evreyone has there own style aslong as you feel comfortable then there is nothing wrong with it people should be able to dress how they want. i think dressing like that though should be left to the young older people just look stupid.

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