Good songs for a cheerleading dance?

What are some good songs 4 a cheerleading dance!?? W/ out any curse words my coach would have a heart attack!!!

Answer #1

I have been a for 12 years and down by jay sean or Do you remember or lolli lolli pop that body, please dont stop the music, what you got… im not shure about the language on any of these songs because I always edit my music to fit the way I want it. :)

Answer #2

I think Wine-Up is a perfect song

or, of course this year at competition everyone

is using “When I Grow Up”

so it all depends on how skilled the dancers are…

OH! another good one my squad used was that 6-flags

theme song! yeah it was good

Answer #3

??? um shut it down bye pitbull awesome

Answer #4

reach out by hilary duff or anything by britney spears!

Answer #5


Answer #6

girl EVER HERD OF FLYLEAF??/ jESSIE MCARTENY? JONAS BROTHERS? 3 DOORS DOWN? RIHANNA? PINK? FERGIE? B5? CHRIS BROWN ? PRIMA J? There are so many more if you want more just funmail me!

Answer #7

shut up and let me go - the ting tings hollaback girl - gwen stefani so what - pink hey sou sister - train don’t stop believing - trian somebody to love - leighton meester good girls go bad - cobra starship ft. leighton meester

Answer #8

lucky- lucky twice rockstar-prima j you’ve probably never heard of them but they’re really good songs

Answer #9

damaged by danity kane

Answer #10

Look up some party music. That would be great. They have CD’s at walmart with party mixes and stuff like that.

Answer #11

um I was a cheerleader for 5 years so let me see what I can find and ill funmail you

Answer #12

Lip gloss- lil mama What hurts the most-cascada Damaged- danity kane Music’s in my soul - jonas bros

Answer #13

something from high school musical or burnin up by jonas brothers

Answer #14

what about cheer songs…

Answer #15

I’ve been a competitive cheerleader since 3rd grade and a perfect song is evacuate the dancefloor, but it’s the rap part near the end, it’s so great!

Answer #16

I think everyone should use boom boom pow by black eyed peas but also 3 by brittany is good too. by the way I’ve been a cheerleader for 12 years.

Answer #17

I have a great one called “in love with cheerleaders” by prolifik. you can get it at

Answer #18

I Have Been A Cheerleader For 10 Years, And I Think That Just Dance By; Lady Gaga, And Boom Boom Pow By; Black Eyed Peas, Or Baby Bash.

Answer #19

Boom Box is great, and fast. Definatly for older squads

Answer #20

well… I think just dance by miley cyrus is good and kiss and tell by selena gomez

Answer #21

Imma be by black eyes peas

Answer #22

tick tock Kesha

Answer #23

7 things

Answer #24

Crazy Possessive - Kaci

Answer #25

Hi I am a cheerleader at UCF and if you want really good songs read this:Hollaback Girl by:Gwen Stefani,Thats not my name by the ting tings.

Answer #26

right round by flo rida and kesha

just dance by lady gaga

tik tok by kesha

party in the usa by miley cyrus

naturally by selena gomez

replay by iyaz

fire burnin on the dance floor by sean kingston

boom boom pow by the black eyed peas

I’ve gotta feeling by the black eyed peas

Hope you chhose one of those!

Answer #27

I think as a professional cheerleader, You need to mix it up. first start with the first 40 sec. of starstruck by 3OH!. Then Boom Boom Pow by the black eyed peas and fade it into the 38 second part of party in the usa by miley cyrus then end that at a minute and five seconds. then add atleast three more songs.

Answer #28

(clap 6x) 1 we are the (your teams name)2 if you cant deny it 3 cause you know we want some more raise (your left hand up) more (raise right hand up) more (put left hand down) more(put your right hand down) 1(put number one in your hand)

Answer #29

well I have the same question…and I need an answer fast!!!

Answer #30

Prolifik’s “in love with cheerleaders” you can find it on his myspace GREAT UP BEAT SONG

Answer #31

Here Comes The Boom! by Nelly It’s a great song.

Answer #32

say ahh by trey songz, great song to listen to, dance to, & cheer to.

Answer #33

Our middle school teampicked out the song Circus by Brittney Spears. Just Dance by Lady Gaga is a great song too. reading some of the other comments are not so great. Lady Gaga and Brittney spaers came up a lot but these are not the greatest artists for a cheerleading dance. MOst of their songs are very suggestive. I saw womanizer and thats a definate no. And Lady Gaga has LOve game and pokerface and theyre definate no no’s as well

Answer #34

Hi there is this great new song out by a artist known as prolifik and the song is called “I’m in love with cheerleaders” you can check it out at it is upbeat and really good to dance to

Answer #35

OK so im a cheerleader now and the girl older than me used some of boom boom pow and were useing cicus

Answer #36

I am 12 an di am a cheerleader at our school and we pretty much use anything “funkalicious!” like britney spears, pussycat dolls, lil wayne, rinanna,pink,baby bash,bon jovi…the list goes on and on just email me if you need more options!!!

Answer #37

uumm just dance by lady gaga is a pretty good one or never under estimate a girl -venessa hudgens

Answer #38

You can use almost anything! Don’t just use the same old songs that everyone uses! Judges get really bored of the same music all the time! We use a company called Cheermix for all of our routines. We send them a list of songs chosen by the squad, and they create the mix. You can preview your mix before paying anything also! They have a facebook page and they often put free mixes up for you to download. Search for them on facebook! Becky.

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