Is it a good idea to take 5 a-levels?

I really want to do five subjects, biology, chemistry, english language, geography, and p.e. Would this be recommended? I am predicted all A*s for my gcse’s.. would it be harder or easier if i achieve them targets?

Answer #1

It depends on what you feel you can handle. Some people can handle that type of work and commitment to school and if you feel that you can, go for it. It will definatly benefit you if you can succeed in all of the classes.

Answer #2

im still in contact with a girl whom at the same time as i was training to be a bricklayer was learning to be a painter and decorator..

she took none and is earning arond 800 quid a week after tax ni….

ok it doesnt answer the qustion but the sooner ppl realize that gse’s are a load of crap the better

Answer #3

I don’t think they’re a load of crap, I think they’re helpful for jobs you need them for, there are jobs you don’t and thats fine for some people, but I want to go to university e.t.c so gcse’s matter until a-lever then they don’t mean anything if you get a-levels..

Answer #4

From personal experience, I’d say no. I was also predicted to have As in all of my GCSEs but I didn’t put in the effort ‘cause of home problems and I came out with 2 Bs, 8 As and 1 A, with a B in an AS too. I considered doing 5 A Levels too. I was going to do Maths, Further Maths, History, Economics and Government & Politics, but I’ve ended up with 4: Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Government & Politics. The thing is, A Levels are time consuming. But in the end all you need is 3 good A Level grades. Obviously universities will hold you in a higher standing later on if you’re successful in more subjects and doing more will open up the possible degree courses that you can go on. But look on the Uni websites - they only look at your top 3 grades. Like, they ask for AAB or something. As long as you excel in 3 of them then you’re fine. Just because you’re predicted top grades doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll achieve them. I wish you the best but being perfectly honest, unless you’re a really determined and hard worker then I think that 5 A Levels would be too much work. I’d say take 4, because you can always take on another AS when you’re in upper 6th/year 13. By then you’ll have a better idea of how well you work and how you can cope with A Levels - they really are a step up from GCSE. Talk to your school’s connexions advisor, and if they’re a bit crap then contact the proper connexions team for the UK. The’ll help you out. Good luck :)

Answer #5

Actually, when you apply for uni you won’t have A Level results, so they give you a conditional offer from looking at your GCSE and predicted grades, and then you either get confirmed or not when you’re A Levels are over. So they’re still important to get into Uni :)

Answer #6

My sixth form tried to make me do 5 A-levels. Thankfully, I refused. It really isn’t worth it when you come to apply to university. They usually expect you to do 4 and then drop one after AS. Universities will only ever give you an offer for grades from 3 A-levels. Yes, it may seem impressive that you can handle the workload but only if you get good grades. Personally, I think it’s better to get 4 good AS grades than 5 average. Having said that, if you really want to try it out go for it and see how it goes for the first term. Your school will you let you drop one after the first term if you can’t handle it. Note: ALL my friends who started off with 5 a-levels dropped one around Christmas.

Answer #7

Ok seriously, that is beyond unnecessary… It is much better to get 4 As then to get 3 As and 2 Bs for example. Even if you were to get 5 As, you would be killing yourself to get it. It isnt worth it, and it’s not exactly going to get you anything. Universities just want 3 good grades. And the work really piles up.

Answer #8

Noooooo No NO no and NO. You will stress yourself out with this huge workload. My suggestion is for you to take biology, chemistry, english language and geography, and do PE by yourself if you want, more as a hobby. You will learn about the human body in Bio and some in Chem, and you can exercise and play a sport if you want. That’s pretty much all PE is anyway.

Answer #9

Actually p.e is now accepted as academic at oxford and cambridge, so it’s not really just a hobby. I think I will try and if I cannot handle the stress I will a subject, I’d rather give it by best shot anyway :)

Answer #10

I just mean that taking PE is a bit of a waste unless you are specifically wanting to go further with it.

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