Can gold fish eat any kinda food?

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i think you should really only feed them the food thats meant for goldfish. i tried giving my fish some shredded carrots before and it died :( so i know not to do that. they mite eat bread but its probably better if you just feed them there food.

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yea i feed mine steak all the time

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well what I mean was any kinda of fish food...

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really? what type of fish??

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goldfish of course. they'll eat it whole.

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ohhhh lol. sorry :S i feed mine a food called nutrafin MAX right now and its ok :) i think so as long as it says for fish, lol. but itd probably be better if you fed it food made for its specees like koi food for koi and such.

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-Flake food intended for goldfish is the most common food for goldfish.
-Pellet food is also common, but it's meant to be more of a treat than actual food for the fish.
-Goldfish also like live brine shrimp, but it's best to leave that sort of thing to experts, because some live foods can carry disease that can harm your fish.

Cooked baby peas are a good addition to your goldfish's diet.
Cook the peas until they are soft, and then refrigerate them. When you want to feed it to your fish, pinch off the skins, then slightly mash the pea and drop it into the aquarium.
Only drop one at a time, to make sure they will actually eat it. You don't want to dirty up the aquarium.
Also, make sure the peas are soft and mushy. If you feed your goldfish peas that are too hard, he may develop bloat or other digestive problems, which you don't want.

Also, lettuce is good for them to eat.
Red lettuce is easy for them to chew and it's more likely not to cause digestive problems.
Just rinse the lettuce in warm water, and attach it to a lettuce-clip inside the tank.
Do NOT cook the lettuce. This will cause it to come off in strands and get stuck inside the fish's throat.

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