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I have decided that I am going veg. I have had many attempts before but somehow I always went back to the meat because of the lack of protein I received, im 14 and my mom keeps telling me that it can really screw up my hormones. But what im asking is how do you get the proper proteins and enough of them that way im still really healthy with out the meat.

Answer #1

dont get me wrong I love meat like I LOVE meat; but after doing a bit of research I found out they way they were killing the animals; before I would have been a ya its ok there over populated, but they are over populated because of artificial incineration. if there was a company that killed animals but didnt let them have a horrible death then I wouldnt care I would eat the meat, but today no one cares about the animals they all care about how much money they are making and how fast. like did you know that pigs are hung upside down on there hind legs still alive and there bellys are cut open, it takes them at least 10 seconds to die, or they are burned to death, same with cows they are hung upside down and there necks are cut open, some have been know to stay alive for like 10 minutes, its horrible. and my friends suggested kosher but the definition of kosher is to not have human hands on it while it dies; see that used to work but farmers dont have the patience to wait for the poor animals to die so they have machines that flip them upside down and slice open there bellys; either way its just wrong

Answer #2

Ok your not the one who is killing the animal so why do you care if they kill it it dosnt matter your not the one doing it and your making your self feel bad about the animals by watching these stupid videos on how they kill the animals and by doing research you never thought it was bad before now all of a sudden you want to change your life completly over somthing like that whats it gonna matter 80 years from now that you didn’t eat meat you need to not worry about what they are doing. If we didn’t eat the animals then we would be dead a long time ago. And schools showing these kind of videos are all so the cause of a lot of people turning into vegiterians. My teacher showed us this video about how they treat the animals cause she was a veg. These animals were ment to be eaton they were bred to be eaton so by not eating them dosnt prove anything you think that the farmer cares if you don’t eat meat cause he don’t cause everyone esle is still eating meat so enjoy it don’t hate it. your not hurting the farmer by not eating meat your just hurting your self

Answer #3

not u…u did nothing…im talking about the people who freak out out about the animals they need to drop it and quit making such a big deal about it

Answer #4

Emo girls bestfriend is wrong those animals are raised to be used for food so if they stopped the animals most likely wouldn’t over populate They are FARM ANIMALS not WILD ANIMALS! Yeah they’re found in the wild, but not in america really, and they do artificial insemenations to make more of those animals, if they stopped it wouldn’t be a problem!

Answer #5

Drop what? I agreed that being veg is ridiculous I didn’t start anything I simply said the animals wouldn’t over populate if we were to stop eating them. I dont think we should tho. I LOVE BACON!

Answer #6

well eggs have lots of protein!! so just make sure you eat eggs! because its not actual meat anyways eggs have a lot of protein so if you eat them you will be fine!

Answer #7

if your doing it for the animals then going veg is stupid but if its for health then its ok but forget the animals cause if we dont eat them then they over populate

Answer #8

I do agree with anemogirlsbestfriend about the animals thing it is kinda stupid because if we dont eat them their population would multiply even more and it would be very bad for the environment!

Answer #9

Don’t a lot of vegitarians believe that eggs are chicken abortions? If your gonna be all “Save the animals dont eat meat, b/c it’s murder” than dont eat eggs because your being a hypocrite!!! Those cows,chickens,pigs,and wutever else that are slaughtered for food would never of had a chance at life if they weren’t going to be murdered and used for food. Those animals are raised on farms specificly for that reason so atleast they had a life even if it was short! That’s my opinion on anyways…

Answer #10

There are a number of good books on vegetarian nutirtion by T Colin Campbell, Joel Furman, and John McDougall.

In general protein is not a problem for new vegetarians but rather finding enough things that they like to eat. My nephew tried to become a vegetarian but he just didn’t like many vegetarian foods. After a few days of eating the same things over and over again he quit.

Vegetarianism doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing thing. You can start looking for new vegetarian foods and recipes you like and eat those a few days a week until you have large enough of a repertoire of vegetarian foods to do it full time.

Going vegetarian will not “screw up your hormones.” While humans are omnivores our physiology is much closer to that of herbivores than carnivores. A vegetarian diet is closer to the diet that we evolved on the the rich highly processed diet most Americans eat. If you look at the health trends in the US, more type 2 diabetes at earlier and earlier ages, heart dissease, stroke, etc. it is hard to defend the standard American diet as the ideal. Vegetarianism isn’t a panacea but on the average vegetarians are lighter, healthier, and more intelligent than meat eaters.

Answer #11

Agreed. Cows, chickens, ect, exist for the sole purpose of being prey. And since humans have done such a good job at wiping out the world’s predatory life, we kinda have to eat them.

Answer #12

well there raised for food then why the hell aint people eating the dam things…people are always like lets save the animals well screw that people been eating animals since the beginning of time…now we got all these people protesting say meat is bad…they say its crul how we kill chickens now well its not as bad as it used to be so freaking drop it already… if dont eat meat then we die

Answer #13

Thats a lie don’t belive every thing you read on the internet they probablie do that in India or some other poor country they don’t do that here we got a quicker way of killing them and its less painfull…

Answer #14

but that cost money, a couple cents a bullet, or one knife its all a money issue and im not going to be part of it

Answer #15

kyle5964, my main reason for going vegetarian is for health reasons but it is hard to argue that the life of animals on large factory farms is acceptable. You obviously don’t care about the plight of the animals that end up on your dinner plate but a lot of people do.

The idea that since we are not the ones who raise and slaughter the animals so by eating meat we are faultless is silly. Consider child pornography. An easy way to go to the big house is to be caught with this. The person who buys or downloads kiddie porn does not themselves exploit or rape the kids, they create demand for it.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 28 years so the reduced demand for meat by my choice has probably saved quite a few animals by now.

I’m not sure why you are so personally invested in sugarcookie’s dietary choice. Nobody is telling you that you can’t eat meat or that you are a bad person for doing so. As I see it, this is a personal choice. Some people have empathy for animals and some don’t.

Sugarcookie stated that she has already decided to become a vegetarian and wanted more information about this.

Answer #16

Many fake / local fruits and veg shops are available in the market who regularly uses the carbide or chemical .So due to this natural proteins and vitamin are not present on it.

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