How can i dye my blonde hair brown without a green tint?

I want to dye my hair from light blonde to chestnut brown. Last time i did that my brown had a greenish tent to it. It was UGLY! I am getting extensions and am trying to match the colors well so I dont want to have to dye it 5 times before i get it right and then damage my hair more with the extensions. Does anyone have any sugestions??

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I had brown hair and I dyed it to blonde.
My friend did the same thing as you and nothing happened to her hair.
Maybe your hair has like a reaction or something to chemicals.

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When hair is coloured with peroxide, it literally strips the colour pigments from the hair shaft, and doesn't leave the base colour. When you colour brown, because of this lack of pigmentation, there can be a metallic green tinge to the hair. To counteract this, there are colour restoring products available, which are shampoos and leave in conditioners.
Never fear... your hair doesn't have "like a reaction or something to chemicals".

Does brown hair go ginger if you dye it blonde?

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