What's the best way to dye brown hair to blonde?

I have dark brown hair and would like to go blonde, how do I do that without turning it orange or killing my hair? What is the best way?

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I would say don't do it all at one time.
Get hightlights and gradually start adding more so it is also not as much of a culture shock.

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you could bleach your hair then die it blonde. ive did that b4. im naturally blonde but i wanted to die my hair DARK brown and i hated it on me so i bleached my hair then died to blonde again. it worked! or like they said you could go to a hair salon! Bleaching your hair really fries it!

Does brown hair go ginger if you dye it blonde?

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go to a salon to get it done their professionals they know what they're doing

How can I dye my blonde hair brown without a green tint?

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