What are the pros and cons of having an after school extra-curricular horseback riding program?


Answer #1


  • would be very difficult to get insurance as it’s so “dangerous” that it’s unlikely to be accepted by the majority of schools
  • it would be expensive
  • it takes a long time to build skills so would have to be a long term project which is costly and time consuming Pros:
  • it’s very good exercise
  • it’s fun
  • many students would love it
  • it’s interaction with animals which encourages caring relationships
  • it opens a possibility of a new career path possibly not yet considered by some students
Answer #2

Pro- It gives good impression on a resume, shows that you are animal friendly and you were not lazy on your educational period. Con(?)- You get less time to focus on your school work.

Answer #3

thanks! I’m doing a persuasice essay and i thought i would choose this topic because the majority of sstudents at our school ride horses but there’s no local programs or clubs that do shows or anything. So it would not take up time because they already know how to ride but i never thought of the insurance :( lol Thanks again!

Answer #4

I guessed it was for a school project, lol. You’re welcome :)

Answer #5

haha yeah :) *persuasive lol

Answer #6

pretty much what everyone said, but the main reason schools dont have one is because 1)its too expensive. 2)hard to find a trainer. 3)its hard to find a place to have the club

My school doesnt have one either and Ive been trying to talk my Ag teacher into getting one, because like myself and many others at my school we all want one.

its something that would show those people who think horseback riding is lame and doesnt take any effort the real meaning of being a true horseback rider :)

Answer #7

yeah totally and I’m serious about talking to the school about it. I’m in ASB so I have a pretty good say in what goes on at our school so maybe i can make it happen you never know haha. I already have a place in mind and know the people who own it. There’s already an arena and trails that go from it all over town. perfect location and it’s already covered by insurance so it would not be very expensive. And It would be for people at our school who already ride and own their own horses so it wouldn’t take any time to teach them how to ride because they already know how to :) Any other odeas? I totalkly understand and wish the people who think horseback riding is lame and not a sport would think again. If they ever tried to get on a horse and kicked it oh they would be on the grond in no time hahaha

Answer #8

Perhaps you could get started by offering to help exercise the horses, my sister did that and it turned into a full program for young people with handicaps…

Answer #9

oh cool, yeah i already own my own horse lol have to excercise him!

Answer #10

you may get stuck out of having the free time after school, instead you need to go ride so the time space is not open. but, it is a great time of day and creates discipline and responsibility which will help you later! :P i was in one for a year and a half and it helped me in the long run. i only quit because i was in a car accident and my leg was broken so i couldn’t do it for so long, i never got back into it.

Answer #11

ww you should get back into it!

Answer #12


Pros: Its fun for everyone Its healthy for ppl Horses have healing ions in them just llike the ocean has Ppl could bulid a relationship with a beautiful horse Ppl could understand life better Ppl could know what it feels like to be loved and be taken care of by a horse idk im tired

Cons: Expensive Dangerous’ I doubt the horses are happy about it stress on the horses The horses will have to deal with new ppl pulling on their mouths and stuff

Also the ppl should first learn about grooming and basic care before riding. Care for the horses before they care for you. The kids need to learn thats its not all about ridng and after the horse is unridable or to small or whatever u must not abandon him/her.

Answer #13

haha tihs pic was suppost to be a kid hugging a horse woops but this is good lol

Answer #14

thanks for helping, but i was thinking of a club for riders who already know how to ride “most of my school does” haha bu thtanks anyways!

Answer #15

cool good idea :) we were trying to start a program after shcool club thing at the barn.

Answer #16

oh yeah I’ll put the essay up if u guys want to see it when I’m done

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