Girly room?

How can I make my room look girly?

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buy a feather boa and place it somewhere: instant girly glam
You should also have a vanity.

ANSWER #2 of 8

pink and lavender everywhere personally I'm not girly when we moved my room was pink im trying to get my mom to let me put up black paint or wall paper

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ANSWER #3 of 8

good perfume smells, a nice bright bed cover... I don't know

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ANSWER #4 of 8

pink purple lime green orange yellow
fluffy pillows
colorful bed spread

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ANSWER #5 of 8

lots of pinks and floral like

and plenty of fluffy cushions

cute girly colors I can paint my room ?
ANSWER #6 of 8

Pink color rocks!!!
By the way I want to know how your room is now?

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ANSWER #8 of 8

fun bight colors

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